Career Services at CCBC

Sam Levin

Austin Knosen, a Student at The Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC), was referred to Career Services by his academic advisor. He believes this was an asset to his college career and vows that Career Services made all the difference when searching for his potential career.

Knosen was not sure what he wanted to major in and turned to an advisor in Career Services.

Through Career Services, Knosen was able to receive help in researching potential careers. He also received assistance in planning for a career through a variety of academic courses as well as access to specific computerized career information systems that could aid in his career exploration.

“My advisor wasn’t just doing his job, he was genuinely invested in my career search and journey,” Knosen said. “Without him, I don’t know what I would have done or where I’d be at this point.”

Individual as well as group counseling is offered through Career Services. As well as counselor assistance, there are job fairs and hands-on opportunities to test your abilities.

To find dates and locations of the job fairs, speak with a career counselor or check the CCBC website.

Knosen now works with the local company Andy’s Animals doing pet care around Baltimore County. Through his hard work with the company and his career counselor he went from dog walker to manager.

“I am now a manager of a business that is doing very well and I have the confidence to be a boss,” Knosen exclaimed. “Not only could I get help through my advisor, but I had resources through the website too.”

Amanda Megan was a Job Developer with Career Services at CCBC for some time. Between the Job Developers and the Counselors, students have a variety of help at their fingertips.

“The main goal for Career Services is generally to bring students and the community together,” Amanda Megan said. “Not only are there a couple job fairs a year with recruiters but, students can also conduct mock interviews with the counselors to prepare for the real thing.”

Through the different services, students can gain internships, go on shadow days, and even find their career. Before students head off to the events that Career Services holds, stop in one of the Job Developers’ offices and get some help perfecting your resume and deciding on your major.

“Counselors and Job Developers can give students Myers Briggs tests to see where their strengths lie,” Amanda Megan said. “They can go over the results in a one on one meeting and discuss possible career paths. These services are available not only to students but, to the community as well.”

On the Career Services website through CCBC, there are links to help with various aspects of job preparation as well. Some of the links can help with social media/career advancement, and career exploration/self-discovery. On the pages are the contact information for each of the departments at CCBC. These printouts and electronic resources are handy resources on career and life planning, training, and education.

To find more help from Career Services, look online and make an appointment. It’s never too late to get help.


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