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Stay up to date on all current events by joining the student life weekly email list and the myCCBC Student Life Portal.  You can join this list by emailing Student Life at ccbcstudentlife@ccbcmd.edu and by following the instructions below.

Club lists for the upcoming semester can be found here or below: https://www.ccbcmd.edu/Campus-Life-and-Activities/Clubs-and-Organizations.aspx     

myCCBC Student Life portal:  After many months, the Student Life office officially has a community on the CCBC portal, MyCCBC.  This is a VERY exciting initiative with a goal to provide one place for current students to go to get all information on Student Life.  The site is live and can be found at:  https://myccbc.ccbcmd.edu/group/student-life/home (please login before clicking the link). Once there, you will find 4 menus items on the left side to include student leadership, civic engagement, first-year experience and student life staff along with the main page.  Please join us, as this will be a central page for student organization information to be housed.



Student Clubs & Organization

With some student organizations setting up to meet in person, and some setting up to meet virtually, we want to continue utilizing the Microsoft Teams platform to help student organizations connect and share resources, regardless of if they are meeting virtually or in person.  Each student organization has a channel in the Microsoft Teams platform to help you connect with other group members, share files, chat, and create an easy video conferencing opportunity.  In both a virtual or in-person environment, this will allow easier and increased communication between student groups centered on each campus and between campuses to help you connect and collaborate. You will need to login with your CCBC credentials to enter and join. Please visit the Student Organization Team at: https://tinyurl.com/CCBCstudentorganizationsBelow, please find a list of student organizations and contact information for their advisor(s).  Meeting times are still being set up for many of these organizations, but please do not hesitate to connect

African Student Union (ASU): Unite students from various African countries and all those concerned with its welfare; Promote African culture and educate students about the continent Africa. Club advisor: Nadette Munongo 443-840-2311 or nmunongo@ccbcmd.edu
American Sign Language (ASL) Club: Provides a safe and inviting atmosphere for students of varying ASL skill levels; instill a sense of camaraderie amongst club members; and support the Deaf Community in a productive and positive manner. Catonsville advisor: Peggy McCoy 443-341-5164 or pmccoy@ccbcmd.edu or Rebecca Minor rminor3@ccbcmd.edu
Anime Club: The Anime Club is to provide a space where students with similar hobbies in Japanese and American popular cultures can meet and network with each other. Catonsville advisor: Janet Gross 443.840.0497 or jgross2@ccbcmd.edu
Bethel Campus Fellowship: The Bethel Campus Fellowship Bible Study meets weekly on campus to provide Christian Fellowship, a time for prayer, bible study and to share the love of Christ unconditionally with students, faculty and staff members. Essex Advisor: Susan Landry 443-840-1406 or slandry@ccbcmd.edu 
Business Club: Reinforces the classroom learning experience by providing students with opportunities to better their community through leadership and teamwork. Club advisor: Brian Hagen 443-840-1858, BHagen@ccbcmd.edu
Christian Fellowship: Christian Fellowship (CF) welcomes students of all nationalities to come and to hear the Story of God’s Love. The club members meet from a desire to know God through a relationship with His Son Jesus Christ and through study of His Word and through sharing His love and grace with each other. Catonsville advisors: Rose Henein 410-855-4349 or rhenein@ccbcmd.edu and Hesham Henein hhenein@ccbcmd.edu
Club Ed: A club for people interested in the education profession. Those wishing to work with students, infants through high school, including special needs education are invited to join. Advisor: Melissa Lebowitz  mlebowitz@ccbcmd.edu 
Catonsville Student Nursing Association (CSNA): Catonsville Student Nursing Association (CSNA) provides an opportunity for student involvement in a professional association and within the community, as well as opportunity for meeting the special needs of the nursing student, including educational enhancement. Catonsville advisor: Nene Orie Suarez noriesuarez@ccbcmd.edu or 443-840-4196
Dance Express/Dance Union: Provide a safe and educational atmosphere for students to learn to dance, and an opportunity for students to showcase their skills and talents. Catonsville advisor: Denise Bellamy 443.840.4712 or dbellamy@ccbcmd.edu
English Conversation Club: bring ESOL students of diverse backgrounds together in order to converse about different topics in the English language. This will serve as a safe environment for students to make mistakes and learn from them, while having fun and making friends at CCBC, Essex. Essex advisor: Taras Strutynsky, tstrutynsky@ccbcmd.edu
Environmental Club/Campus Community Garden: We provide activities and events to get students out into the Environment and take action to make the world a healthier, more sustainable place.Essex advisor: Elizabeth Shrader 443-840-2680 or eshrader@ccbcmd.edu
Gender & Sexuality Acceptance Club (GSA): The CCBC Dundalk Gender and Sexuality Acceptance (GSA) Club is a student-led, community-based organization that is intended to provide a safe and supportive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual (LGBTQIA+) persons, and those who prefer a different label or no label at all, as well as their allies. All are welcome and accepted.
Dundalk advisors: Rakeah Glass rglass@ccbcmd.edu Heidi Paremske 443-840-3262 or hparemske@ccbcmd.edu
Green Club: Environmental education and stewardship on the campus and in the community. Bill Schockner wschockner@ccbcmd.edu
International Club: Educates CCBC students about international culture and provide a support network for International students at CCBC. Catonsville advisor: Nellie Pharr-Maletta 443.840.4094 or npharrmaletta@ccbcmd.edu or Liz Smith esmith6@ccbcmd.edu or Heather Dellinger hdellinger@ccbcmd.edu or 443-840-4199

Multicultural Student Association (MCSA): The Multicultural Student Association provides students of every race and ethnic heritage, gender, religion, ability and sexual orientation with the opportunity to learn and experience each other’s culture. Dundalk advisor: Patricia Quintero-Hall 443-840-3206 or phall@ccbcmd.edu

Muslim Student Association (MSA): Provides an accurate representation of Islamic culture and create a bridge of understanding between Muslim and non-Muslim students. Catonsville advisor: Dawan El-Amin 443.840.4512 or del-amin@ccbcmd.edu

New Media Collective (NMC): The NMC will produce and develop new platforms for ideas and information related to the CCBC community, specifically students. The students involved in this club will use multimedia platforms including, but not limited to, podcasts, webisodes, online magazines and video editorials to produce creative, timely and innovative journalistic content. The organizational structure will assume a round-table rather than hierarchical approach so that responsibility is divided among club members. Catonsville advisor: Beth Baunoch 443-840-2518 or bbaunoch@ccbcmd.edu  Jackie Scott jscott@ccbcmd.edu

Nursing Student Association (NSA): Provide an opportunity for student involvement in a professional association and with the community and to meet the special needs of the nursing student, including educational enhancement. For more information, please contact: Dundalk advisor: Amy Ertwine 443-840-3438 or aertwine@ccbcmd.edu Essex advisors: Stephanie Diodate  sdiodato@ccbcmd.edu and Cindy Morse lmorse@ccbcmd.edu
Photography Club: Welcome to CCBC Photography Club! We are an organization of photographers, enthusiasts, and visual artists whose purpose is to share our vision through the lens. We plan to collaborate with different people and organizations on campus, within our Baltimore community, and beyond. As a collative, we hope our creations can draw the attention of others in the community. We do this through activities, workshops, photography shooting experience, events, and sharing our work. We hope you join us in the creative photography experience! Advisors: Steve Dembo sdembo@ccbcmd.edu

Practical Nursing Student Association: The Practical Nursing organization is comprised of students who are currently enrolled in the practical nursing program or are interested in practical nursing. Dundalk advisors: Tricia Davis tdavis7@ccbcmd.edu or Marsha Utz mutz@ccbcmd.edu

Progressive Student Alliance (PSA): The PSA is dedicated to ending systemic oppression of all marginalized communities by working for social and economic justice on our campus, in our communities, and beyond. While offering direct support for students who have experienced oppression based on their gender, racial, economic class, or sexual/gender identities, the PSA seeks to educate and organize students around the idea of empowerment through unity and non-violent action. We are committed to facilitating opportunities that encourage progressive social change by organizing events, lectures, fieldtrips, cultural and social programs, and rallies. Advisors: Morgan Slusher 443-840-1678 or mslusher@ccbcmd.edu; Dawn Greeley 443-840-1578 dgreeley@ccbcmd.edu or Myron Strong 443-840-1289 mstrong2@ccbcmd.edu

 Psychology Club: To promote the growth and enrich the knowledge of aspiring psychologist and prepare aspiring psychology majors for four-year colleges and universities Catonsville advisors: Azar Etesamypour-King at 443.840.4237 or aking@ccbcmd.edu Parita Vithlani 443-840-4812 or pvithlani@ccbcmd.edu
Phi Theta Kappa (PTK): Phi Theta Kappa is the International Honor Society of the Two-Year College. Members are afforded opportunities for scholarships, leadership development, intellectual enrichment, and personal development through programming based on Phi Theta Kappa's Hallmarks of Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Fellowship. Catonsville advisor: Sunil Konath skonath@ccbcmd.edu, Dundalk advisor: Linda Gronberg-Quinn 443-840-1658 or LGronberg@ccbcmd.edu Essex advisor: Carr Kizzier 443-840-1638 or ckizzier@ccbcmd.edu
Student Government Association (SGA): Advocate for students by serving as the liasion between students and CCBC administration, and plan programs that allow students to express their opinions and concerns. For more information, contact club advisors: Daniel Sym at 443-840-4488 or dsym@ccbcmd.edu
Student Honors Council: Promote and encourage academic excellence and enrich the learning experiences of students within the CCBC community. The Honors Council contributes to cultural, education and philanthropic endeavors on and off campus; through transfer visits, social events, coordinated student service and social activities, and learning opportunities the Honors Council offers and array of opportunities for students to get involved. Coordinated student service and social activities. Catonsville advisor: Natasha Cole-Leonard 443-840-4654 or nleonard@ccbcmd.edu
Essex advisor: Amy Wilson 443-840-1850 or awilson@ccbcmd.edu

Student Occupational Therapy Association: Increase awareness of the profession of occupational therapy education and engage in learning activities that provide an extension to the classroom and clinical instruction. Catonsville advisor: Suzanne Kiewe  skiewe@ccbcmd.edu

Students of Respiratory Therapy: Broaden and expand cognitive understanding of the respiratory field to better prepare students for the professional healthcare realm. Essex advisor: Virginia Forster 443-840-1798 or VForster@ccbcmd.edu

Veteran Associations: The Student Veteran’s Association assists fellow student veterans with their transition onto campus and to achieve success with their academic goals. Essex advisor: Jackie Cymek 443-840-2106 or jcymek2@ccbcmd.edu


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