Episode 4: The Faculty

What makes a good college professor? And what does tenure have to do with it? Host Olivia Yates spills the tea with an adjunct professor, a tenured professor, and a nontenured professor as they uncover the realities of the faculty hierarchy in higher ed and explore how the hierarchy can affect the student experience.

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Olivia Yates is from Baltimore and is currently a student at University of Baltimore pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Policy, Politics and International Affairs. She wants to attend the University of Baltimore Law school, become a lawyer, and practice human rights law.⁠

During her time in the Good School Podcast, she produced "The Faculty" episode where she discusses the faculty hierarchy and its impact on student success. ⁠






The Interpreter Prep Program at CCBC has partnered with us to interpret our episodes into American Sign Language! Thank you to the amazing Interpreting Prep Program Interns for their hard work on this project!

Episode 4 “The Faculty” in ASL by Ashley O'Neal.

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