Taking Action for Earth Day 2023

Dylan Terezakis

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated across the world to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainability for future generations. Earth day was on the 22nd of April this year and marked the 53rd anniversary of the event.

In 2023, the Earth Day celebrations at colleges in Maryland and across the globe took on even greater significance as people continue to take on issues such as climate change, pollution, resource-waste and depletion, among other things that harm the Earth, and possibly even humans.

Here at CCBC, Professor Elizabeth Shrader, who teaches Environmental Science classes, takes great pride in The Essex Campus Community Garden. Many students take part in keeping up with the garden to make the scenery look great, and to grow various different plants and vegetables.

There are benefits to schools having gardens, too. Students become engaged, and so do insects, birds, and other mammals. The other benefit is the garden makes campus look more photogenic and beautiful.  Overall, having a garden, either as a school or family is a positive thing for individuals and the environment. It is just one small piece of what students, or anyone, can do to get involved here at the college.

The overall theme for Earth Day 2023 was “Invest in our Planet.” That means solar energy, wind energy, etc. should start to take the driver’s seat to help the planet in the future There were events all over the US, South America, Asia, among other places throughout the globe. “Our planet needs our investment now,” was another major slogan or idea that relates to this years’ Earth Day.

The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970. The event was organized by Gaylord Nelson, who at the time was a Senator in Wisconsin. Still, 50+ years later it is going strong and making an impact.

A local Roofer shared his thoughts about the average family potentially going solar within the next decade.

Themelis Terezakis, owner of TDM Roofing, says he is skeptical for the short-term, yet optimistic for the long term. “More and more people are switching to solar. In the short-term there are leaks, and it is a big expense," Terezakis said. "Guys like me should be around for a little longer but who knows a decade plus from now. As a plus, everyone should get their gutters cleaned…(and) trash getting picked up should be the first place to start.”

A local grocery and deli worker also commented on the importance of having fresh fruits or vegetables as opposed to processed foods such as “Lunchables.”

Christian said, “It’s pretty clear that one thing is good for your body and the environment and little critters around you. With processed things you have a bunch of leftover plastic that no one thinks about. You’d be shocked at the amount of people that come into the store and spend more money on fewer items just because the items are organic, or fresher.”

Baltimore City also hosted a few events for Earth Day this year. First, they made time to celebrate Earth Day and Mr. Trash Wheel's birthday on April 22nd, from 3-6 p.m. in Pierce's Park located in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. There were also “Cleanup” events in Mt. Vernon, Canton, Patterson Park, and Druid Hill Park.

Mayor Brandon Scott also called on any local leaders and neighborhood associations to take charge and organize efforts to clean up streets, alleyways, and walkways across the city.

Overall, Earth Day 2023 in Maryland seemed like a resounding success with a variety of events and initiatives aimed at promoting environmental awareness and sustainability. From community cleanups to educational exhibits, Maryland residents came together to learn about the importance of protecting our planet and taking action to mitigate climate change.

The focus on renewable energy, waste reduction, and conservation efforts demonstrated a commitment to creating a more sustainable future for ourselves and future generations. Moving forward, many believe, it is essential that we continue to prioritize environmental stewardship and work together to address the pressing challenges facing our planet.

Earth Day serves as a reminder to people all around the world of the importance of taking steps to protect our natural world.


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