'Daredevil' Season 3 Review

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Corday Gaskins

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Season 3 of Marvel's Netflix original series Daredevil was released on October 19, 2018.

Daredevil season 3 may have been the boost that marvel needed.

Marvel has been under heavy criticism about their 6 Netflix series, which includes Daredevil, Iron Fist, The Punisher, The Defenders, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage.

Netflix has recently canceled 2 of their Netflix's original series. Netflix pulled the plug on Iron Fist and Luke Cage. According to CinmaBlend, Netflix has not publicly given a reason for the cancellations.

"I can’t believe that Netflix canceled Iron Fist and Luke Cage, The ratings must have played a factor in the decision. At least we still have Daredevil,” said Dontay Antonio, a Marvel Comics fan.

One of the takeaways from Season 3 of Daredevil is great writing. Season 3 starts off showing Matt Murdock (Daredevil) getting his life back in order. Matt is recovering from a near-death state from Season 2 and "The Defenders" when he survived an explosion. Matt Murdock is nursed back to health and ready to get back to action.

Another Highlight from Season 3 of Daredevil is that Netflix introduced the mercenary Bullseye to the series. Bullseye is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Bullseye has no superpower but is able to use almost any object as a lethal projectile.

Bullseye was first introduced 1976 Daredevil Number 1 comic book. The writers gave a backstory on Bullseye. Bullseye’s backstory was a mystery, many people compare Bullseye to DC comics famous character The Joker.

"Bullseye is one of my favorite Marvel villains. I was excited when I found out they added him to season 3. He reminds me of Marvel's version of the Joker." Said Marlik House, a lifelong DC Comic fan.

Daredevil’s action scenes never seem to fail. Even though it's a superhero show, it still shows a lot of blood and gore. One of the best fight scenes in season 3 is when Bullseye dresses up as a fake Daredevil and fought the real Daredevil.

One of the problems that I found in season 3 with the story is that the writers kept trying to convince us that Matt was going to quit being a good guy and it wasn’t convincing.

Matt’s friends Karen and Foggy didn't find it convincing either.

Another problem was season 3 started slowly. It took a long time to build up to action. The first 9 episodes were focusing on the Villain Wilson Fisk. The first half of the season is trying to figure out what Wilson Fisk is up to.

Although the season started slow, the mystery of Wilson Fisk planning to take out Daredevil still keeps the season interesting. Fisk was on house arrest for the entire season but still used his manipulation skills to Impact the season.

"Marvel has the best villains, Fisk was amazing in season 3. They even gave him the kingpin suit that he wore in the comics" Said Jayden Writt, a comic book fan.

The Ending of Daredevil was amazing. Daredevil put Fisk back into a federal prison and had another epic fight against Bullseye. The ending sets up plenty of opportunities for a season 4.

Season 3 definitely knocked off the rust from the previous Marvel Netflix series.


  1. Joseph Bennett 12 December, 2018 at 23:11 Reply

    I am also a fan of the MCU verse. To me, this was the best DareDevil season for many reasons. They introduced a big name villain, Bullseye. He fit in the plot well, it did not feel forced. The end of season three left you on a cliffhanger, I am sad however that it is not going to be renewed for another season.

  2. Deja Ballesteros 13 December, 2018 at 00:26 Reply

    Daredevil and the punisher have to be my favorite MCU series on Netflix because there is so much action in both of them and I love that. I also agree on how slow this season of daredevil started, it started so slow it almost made me skip forward to the action parts. I think that the writers should of explained more of why Matt’s mom left him.

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