Alumni Spotlight


Michael Pressimone ‘79


A.A. General Studies, CCBC; B.F.A. Theatre, The Catholic University of America; M.A. Leadership in Higher Education, Regis University; Ed.D. Higher Education and Organizational Change, Benedictine University

Current profession/pursuits

President, Notre Dame College, South Euclid, Ohio

Who influenced you most during your time at CCBC?

Paul Boxell in the Theatre Department.  Paul (along with his wife) was warm and welcoming.  He was able to see the unpolished talent in me and gave me an opportunity to thrive.  Also, Dr. Jim Linksz who served as the Chair of Humanities while I was a student.  While I was one of many students that crossed his office door, I had a chance to connect with him, and I greatly admired his calm leadership and creativity. Finally, Dr. Bob Lynch.  He served as my academic advisor and was really the first person in my higher education journey that cared enough to know me and my hopes and aspirations.  He helped me chart a path that led to the completion of a CCBC degree and prepared me for admittance to The Catholic University of America. I have told that story to every first-year student where I have served as president.

How did your education at CCBC prepare you for what you are doing today?

Like many who study in our community colleges, I was a first-generation student.  Today, I serve as president of a College that serves a diverse student population with a significant number of first-generation students. CCBC took the time to understand my individual needs, and I try to mirror that in my work today.

What advice would you give current students or recent grads interested in pursuing a career in your professional field?

Higher education is the key to changing our communities, our country, and our world for the better. Expand your mind and learn to look at the world through other lenses. Find meaningful work, but know that your purpose on this earth is to serve and love others.

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