Global Studies Certificate Offers Students Unique Opportunities

Nicholas Enoch

For students who are interested in global studies or learning more about the world, The Global Studies Certificate offers opportunities for them to learn more about the world in different courses offered at CCBC.

According to CCBC’s Global Studies Program Website, The Global Studies Certificate provides, “a broad understanding of interdisciplinary contemporary global issues and intercultural communication skills exposure and practice, necessary to work in the ever-changing global economy.”

Infographic by Media Studies student, Kaila Griswold.

This program offers a wide range of courses that relate to global topics and these courses provide students the opportunity to take what they have learned and once they graduate, implement them into the global economy.

Rebekah de Wit, the Director of the Global Studies Program said, “students should know more about the Global Studies Certificate because it is important for them to learn about the world and advance their knowledge.”

The Global Studies Certificate not only offers globalized courses, but it offers global activities that are offered throughout the year during the Fall and Spring semesters. It also allows students to learn more about study abroad opportunities and helps them pursue scholarships to go on study abroad trips.

Members of the Global Studies Program are required to take courses like world languages and other globalized courses. World language courses help students get immersed in different cultures, from Chinese, French, Arabic, and Japanese.

Charlotte Gatewood, a CCBC Essex Student, took Japanese 101. “I am currently in Japanese 102. I love learning Japanese. I find it very enjoyable to learn and the teacher is awesome. I am also planning on taking Japanese 201 in the Spring.”

World language courses are not the only courses offered through The Global Studies Certificate. From english classes to political science courses and even a statistics class, students can choose from a variety of sections that have been “globalized,” specifically for the program.

To be a member of the program, a student can contact Ann MacLellan, the Global Studies Certificate Program Coordinator, by emailing her at

There are requirements in order to graduate with a Global Studies Certificate. 15 credits must be “Globalized Courses” and a two-semester sequence of a world language course or courses are required. One last requirement is that a student must complete a “globalized experience,” whether it is study abroad or an intercultural experience.

The department also offers different events that can help students who want to travel around the world. One specific event is Passport Day, where students can register for their own passport. Intercultural events help students get immersed in different cultures. Other events are, International Food Week, potlucks, and a variety of culturally focused happenings that are promoted all over campus.

The Global Studies Certificate allows students to have a better understanding of the global issues that are happening around the world. Not only that, taking courses like world languages can inspire more students to challenge themselves to step outside their comfort zones and travel globally.

Global Studies has endless opportunities to immerse themselves around the world. CCBC students should consider “going global” and join the Global Studies Program.

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