Episode 5: The History

Akira Tisdale, Ian Kafes, and Sam Horn discuss the history of higher education in the U.S. and ponder where community colleges fit in to this history.

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Meet Ian Kafes from Baltimore, MD. He was an associate producer for the Good School podcast, and worked alongside Sam and Akira on the "History of Higher Education" episode. He researched, produced, and recorded the episode.⁠

One of the most interesting things he learned was that 1 in 12 undergraduates in the United States are from the Community College system of California! ⁠

Ian is currently working at Best Buy as he continues to work towards his degree. His career goal is to work in PR and Marketing in the video game industry.⁠



Meet Akira Tisdale from Baltimore, Maryland and a graduate of CCBC. She was a researcher, writer and host for the Good School Podcast. Her focus was researching the GI bill for "The History" episode. ⁠

Akira joined Good School Podcast out of pure curiosity, wanting to see what it would take to run and plan a podcast. After researching and interviews with education professionals, Akira was determined to learn more about the history of colleges and how it has been helpful for veterans of World War II. ⁠

As a transfer student at McDaniel College, she is pursuing a degree in American Sign Language and Deaf Studies, later pursuing a Master in Teacher Education for the Deaf.


Meet Sam Horn from Baltimore, MD. Last semester, he was an Associate Producer for the Good School Podcast, working with Ian Kafes and Akira Tisdale on "The History of Higher Education" episode. ⁠

⁠Sam learned a lot about higher education from all of the research and the interviews he conducted with Dr. Kirwan, Dr. Thelin and Elizabeth Godwin. He also learned all of the work involved in making a podcast. ⁠

He is still a student at CCBC, but outside of school he is the marketing manager and co-founder of Grandad’s Stash, a baking business his family opened to honor his grandfather. He is also a Twitch and Discord moderator for WWE Hall of Famer Madusa, Impact Wrestling Knockout Jessicka, and April Buckles! His career goals is to become a wrestling commentator for one of the major pro-wrestling companies.⁠


Episode 5 “The History” in ASL by Juliana Pappas.

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