Rain or shine, 

Dealing with stress is best done with someone who you can confine. 

Don’t freak out, 

Just reach out.  

That’s what the closest people to you are for,  

They’re there to listen and do so much more.  

 Now look, 

If there’s no one there, 

Please don’t be scared.  

Sometimes all you need is yourself.  

 An old journal or maybe a notepad, 

Write what you feel and don’t feel bad.  

Or maybe writing isn’t what you have the energy to do,  

But listen,  

Inhale deeply and exhale profoundly.  

Know you’re here and that life is ever-changing 

Day after day you’ll get to experience new changes.  

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 You know what works best for you and what you truly need deep down. As cheesy as my poem may sound I’ve been dealing with stress these past few weeks. Questioning myself about my decisions and wondering the what if’s. It’s hard, but talking and meditating has made me realize that I am indeed okay. And you know sometimes you don’t even want to talk to people about stuff which is absolutely fine, you know yourself better than anyone could ever know someone. Hearing people’s opinions can even mess up your thought process even more. Take your time and take  it easy, life’s too short.  

 Mac Miller once said  

“When’s the last time you took a little time for yourself? There’s no reason to be so down…” 

 Believe in yourself and trust the process. Don’t stress over things that haven’t even happen yet. And always remember to breathe.  Too Blessed To Be Stressed GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY