I never thought I would ever say this, but I think I’m in love with spring for the very first time in my life. Going outside from seeing bald lifeless trees to seeing fields of crisp green trees and grass, I am in love. I have this new found fascination to drive or sit outside admiring the leaves blowing in the wind. I think sometimes in life we take for granted the small things when in reality they aren’t really small things.

Once again, this semester seems like a blur. From point A in January to point B in May everything moved so fast. But nevertheless spring is always my favorite semester. Its like the end to the beginning. Its knowing you’ve accomplished something and now you get to “lay back and relax” in a sense and do fun summer things. Oh how I love the concept of longer days and longer nights.

For what is next to come, only time can ever tell. Being patient, caring for yourself, and acceptance is the best way to treat you and others. As I did the dishes yesterday I was watching Human Resources on Netflix S1 Ep9 and never would I have ever thought such a silly show would have me bawling my eyes out. The episode focused on grief and the preparation of getting ready to lose a loved one. I guess with having a sick family member who isn’t doing so great can trigger such emotions or maybe the episode was well written, which one was it? Who knows. But I just cried for the last 10 minutes of the episode with soapy hands. You may be like okay viv, where are you getting it at? Well the grandma in the episode who passed had dementia and her mind would replay the best memories of her life even though she was sick, and the concept of remembering those memories made her happy for the split seconds that she could. It was beautiful yet heartbreaking. Thinking back to the episode today is making my eyes water. The take away from this would be doing things right now in the moment while you still can. Enjoying what you have and making the best of it.

I am so proud of everyone I know and do not know who are graduating this semester. This is another reason I am in love with spring this year. Three of my cousins, my boyfriend and his cousin are graduating. 1 from CCBC with her AA in accounting, Sean with his Bachelors of science in comp sci,  and the other 3 from high school. I love a good family party so I know these graduation parties will not disappoint.

For the rest of us another semester in the books and who knows how many more. We did it, we’ve complete it, and we can just be glad it’s done.

I’ve been missing for a little but I’ve just been doing a lot living in the moment and smelling the roses.

I know where my head is at but I just need to make my feet move now. I prioritize my happiness and make decisions based on it. Though my perspective of happiness is a shape shifting entity I live with, I am learning to deal with it (myself).

I’m beyond grateful for the life experiences I have had/am having, the people I have met/will meet, and the things I have done/will do in my lifetime.

Even if it feels like I’ve been here for an extended period of time, I don’t think I would change anything other than telling myself that everything always turns out.

I am beyond content, some would even call this “happy”.