It is the middle of March and the madness of midterms are upon us. Temperatures are changing, life is changing, but there is no time to slack. Stress is at an all time high with everyone trying to get through the thick of the semester but hey keep it going guys! I wanted to share some amazing events Student Life’s FYE mentors will be hosting to combat midterm madness. You may be like what? Midterm madness? A basketball game? And to that I say no, midterm madness is the perfect title to describe what students are going through while studying and preparing for their midterms and it’s funny because this month is March madness for basketball so it’s just a little play on words.   Midterms Exam GIF - Midterms Exam Cant Think - Discover & Share GIFs

So, what is Midterm madness? Before Covid they were events that were hosted on campus where they did fun stress-free activities to help students alleviate themselves from stress. It was like taking a little mental break either by eating ice cream with your friends, singing karaoke, or just hanging out with your friends on campus. They would be held on all 3 main campuses and the turns were always really good. But you know, Covid hit so ever since then it’s been held virtually on Zoom but it is still good old fashion fun!

This year, First-Year Experience (FYE) Mentors will be hosting 3 virtual events that all students are more than welcome to attend 1 or all events!

The first event is  

Classic Rewind Quiz Show  

Monday 3/14/2022 @11 AM-12 PM 

The second event is  

Are You Smarter Than a 6th Grader? 

Thursday 3/17/2022 @11 AM- 12 PM  

The Third event is 

Interactive Magic Show 

Wednesday 3/23/2022 @12 PM- 1 PM 

Pharmexam Pastudent GIF - Pharmexam Pastudent Study - Discover & Share GIFsHow do I join these events? Be on the lookout for links coming out on the CCBC social media pages! I will be attending the Are You Smarter Than a 6th Grader? On Thursday 3/17/2022 @11 AM- 12 PM.

So hopefully I will get to see some of you guys!

Remember to relax, take it easy, and now that everything is okay and will be okay.