We are one week away from finals?! Can you guys believe it? I keep thinking the semester flew by but then I think about how I felt that September lasted 60 days long, yet November only felt like it was only 2 weeks. So in a way I do think this semester sort of flew by.  Finals Gif | Media Arts I

Recently my fyp (for you page) on tik tok keeps playing things related to “let me go study for my finals before I fail” and I always laugh because when they pop up I ask myself “tik tok is not gonna do my homework or do my finals, let me get off my phone”. In a way those videos have helped me  to get off my phone because at times it feels like I can scroll for hours.  Finals Week GIFs | Tenor

So what do I do to prepare for finals? Thinking back to when my courses where heavily science related, I remember always being thankful for the study guides provided by my professors. Do not get me wrong, they were not word for word on what the final would be on, but they did tell you which chapters and topic to study from. Once I reviewed the study guide I would look at the end of each chapter in the book and the summary or key points. If I had enough time I would read the chapter. Sometimes the books even have questions you can practice with and I would take it to see how I would do.  

This semester I took English (final was an essay), a Spanish class (classic exam format), and a CSIT course (classic exam format).  I completed my English course in the first 7 week session that was hosted and that went really well. Right now I have been reviewing my Spanish study guide, reviewing old coursework and vocabulary that was used in the chapters that will be on the final. For my CSIT classes, I was also given a study guide that I constantly keep reviewing, looking at the summary at the end of the chapters, and attempting some coding problems found in the back of each chapter to see how I do on them.  

Just keep being persistent, study, don’t slack, but also take time to enjoy non school related things. Maybe going to the gym, sitting on your phone for a little bit, or talking to a friend. Just a reminder that if you tried your hardest, acknowledge it, be content, and know there’s always room for improvement.  

Good luck guys!!!!! 

The YUNiversity — mempul: ♥ Good luck on your finals! 🙏🙌