Hi all, its April… It’s spring… But it feels like neither of those things. This is surreal if you ask me. BUT I’m enjoying this downtime at home. I love being at home. I am such a homebody. People are bored out of their minds, I’m chilling. Like when in life will I be able to have this much time at home??? never, so I’m here for it. When they said lockdown, I said say less. I will say I miss human contact that isn’t my family, but that’s not really taking a huge toll on me. Zoom class meetings are ok. Why just ok? Because at some point in the meeting they keep talking/asking about how quarantine is going. Well, it’s going, nothing crazy honestly. My internet for zoom calls suck and they get laggy, so honestly, I am not fond of zoom calls like at all.#selfteaching. People say time is moving slowly for them, for me, I feel like time is flying. Memes, tik toks, clash royale, sims 4, is how I spend my time when I’m not doing classwork. I facetime the homies when I feel bored and things feel normal. I’ve been listening to a lot of music, my best friend has gotten into making beats over this break so I’ve been finding myself listening to music more closely, specifically the tempos and all that. You never really think about how music is produced and it’s a complex form of art.  I only go out when I need to go to Richardson’s Farm to pick up raw boneless chicken breast and other small goodies. Driving feels sooooo good, it’s like second nature but when I get to drive I feel so free and idk I use to not be fond of driving but now that I only do it so rarely it’s like we take simple things for granted. Also, I watched the Tiger King documentary on Netflix. It’s so stupid that it’s really entertaining, and honestly Carol def fed her husband to the tigers in my opinion. I’ve been re-watching Broad City on Hulu and it’s my fav show so I highly recommend you checking this out.

All and all, this is just such a strange time period in everyone’s life. I enjoy staying home and having no big responsibilities. It’s like, I’ll probably never get this much downtime again. Memories are being built and relationships are getting stronger because you really are taking the time to reach out to the people you care about. So many plans are being made for once this is all over. Me personally the first thing I’m gonna do is go to La Tolteca order fresh guacamole, chorri-pollo as my meal, and xangos as dessert. I really can’t wait. Also, I really want to go swimming so bad!!!!!!!!!!! Til we all meet again, STAY SAFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AND STAY HOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 😉 pls, really please stay home so this can be done with faster.