Who would have thought this quarantine thing would be so serious and last so long? Well, I didn’t to be completely honest with you. But we are here, taking it day by day. Day by day trying to make the best out of this new lifestyle. I feel like telling you my experience was kinda getting boring. So, I decided to reach out to some fellow CCBC friends and asked them the same 5 questions to get a broader more in-depth look to see how different students are doing with this new lifestyle. I am excited to present to you 5 questions with 7 different people. LET’S GET THIS STARTED!!!!!

1.) What’s your name, major, and expected graduation year? 

2.) How has life been these past 4 weeks?

3.) How do you personally feel about this new online learning environment?

4.) How are you doing? Really, how are you doing? 

5.) What are you looking forward to when this is all over and life is back to normal?

Judy C. 

1.)  My name is Judy Choi, I’m not majoring in anything. I’m only trying get my certificate for Surgical Technician and I expect to graduate in 2022.

2.) My life has been okay for the past 4 weeks.

3.) I personally feel like it’s kinda difficult especially for the current class I’m taking which is Biology 109.

4.) I honestly think I’m doing okay.

5.)  I am looking forward to getting my hair done and to start working again to make money.

Graycie C.

  1. Graycie Christello, business administration, 2021
  2. My life hasn’t been hectic, but it’s felt like everything is at random. There’s no structure for my work schedule, it’s like an “on call” situation, some professors who have never taught online are springing new assignments and concepts in us, and it’s like everyone is saying something different about this pandemic – I’m not sure what to believe or when to be hopeful.
  3. I understand the need to transition to online, and that for many of my professors this is a first for them too. My first choice wouldn’t have been online learning, which is why I take on campus classes, but I’m not complaining because I recognize this is just as much a struggle for the school as it is for us. Given that I, nor my professors, intended to be online this semester things are a little bumpy and we’re all still trying to find our way around. To summarize, I don’t like the online format, but that’s an individual opinion; I’m getting value out ofonline, andbeing supplemented for what I would have experienced in class, I have no complaints about the quality.
  4. Aside from boredom, I amactually doingalright. I feel some pressure and worry because my grandmother lives with me, and I’m still working and even with all of the gloves and Lysol in the world, I’m terrified of jeopardizing someone else’s health. I’m disappointed by the current situation just as much as anyone else is, but I’ve been able to see a lot on the bright side. This has actually given me more freedom with schedule to work on assignments and balance working five days a week – when face to face was still happening, I didn’t have the option of staying up until 4 AM to do an assignment because I had a 9 AM class. It’s an odd way to be optimistic, but it’s kept my spirits up.
  5. The one thing I am looking forward to more than anything is casual human interaction. Not small talk with customerssaying“isn’t all this crazy?” And not a twenty minute conversation about how much me and my friends miss each other. I want to bump into a stranger in the grocery store without fear that either of us just spread something to the other, and then I want to laugh about it with them. I fully understand the need for social distancing and disinfecting, but I can’t wait to be able to resume regular human interaction.

Fernando M.

1.) Fernando Martinez, an accounting major, and expected to graduate in fall of 2020.

2.) Life has been very different and not what I am used to at all. Just like others, I am doing whatever I can to adjust to the new life we are currently living.

3.) I am actually taking advantage of it. Even though this whole online learning experience is new to me, I have a bit more free time now to study harder and be more flexible with school and for myself. My professors have been extremely flexible and understanding of the situation which has helped reduce the workload as well as learning new material in a very unique way. Personally, we should continue to take advantage of the online learning experience.

4.)  I am doing just fine. Even though this pandemic is scary, I try to look at things on the bright side and have my hopes that everything will be back to normal!

5.) My social life really, I miss going out and hanging out with friends.

Jacob L.

1.) Jacob L., Major: Biology, Graduation Year: 2022

2.) Life has been stressful as my roommate and I try to adjust to the necessary precautions to prevent this illness.  Also, things have been boring at times since the options for things to do have been significantly restricted.

3.) While I understand the necessity of the new online learning environment, I have had trouble adjusting. I actually withdrew from my math class because the online learning environment made it too difficult for me to understand the material. Also, the tutors only being accessible online now was another factor for my decision to withdraw. I am just not a person who can succeed in a math class if it is taught online.

4.) I am doing well overall. Boredom definitely takes over sometimes, but I am lucky to have plenty of things to entertain myself.

5.) Spending time with family and friends without restrictions is what I look forward to most. Zoom hangouts get old quickly, and I am anxiously anticipating being able to have in-person get-togethers again.

Francesco R.

  1. My name is Francesco Rocha. My major is engineering and I want to do civil engineering when I transfer, my expected graduation is spring 2021.
  2. Life’s been good so far, but it is kind of annoying not being able to go out to public places or hangout with friends. It can also get boring being home for so long, so I’ve been trying to do other activities other than watching Netflix all day long.
  3. I like it for some classes, but for other classes it just doesn’t really work well. However, my professors are trying their best to teach the material and keep us all motivated in learning it.
  4. I am good, I’ve been working out at home and to be honest I am low key glad that we still have school because it’s the only thing keeping me distracted since I am not working right now.
  5. I just want to go out and have fun with my friends. Hopefully, before the summer is over. I also need to get a new job, so hopefully this is over soon and everything goes back to normal.

Estefani C.

1.) My name is Estefani Calle, my major is political science, and I will be graduating spring 2020!!!

2.) Life has been stressful, crazy, and a lot of procrastination. But, at the end of the day it has been really good.

3.) I feel disappointed. This is my last semester at ccbc and it being online is rough. I just can’t focus; I don’t like the idea of having to teach myself.

4.) I’m trying to survive. I’m trying to focus on myself and well-being.

5.) I don’t believe everything will be normal. But definitely will be appreciating the time I spend with the people I care and love for.

Hunter H. 

1) My name is Hunter Hinkle my major is cyber security. I will be graduating fall of 2020.

2) In the last 4 weeks it’s just been full of anxiety and stress to get classwork done and working in between that.

3) Honestly, I wish CCBC offered a time to drop out of courses without it effecting your gpa or transcript.

4) I’ve just been very overwhelmed with online courses. With only having two classes before the quarantine, the workload has become a lot. It has definitely taken a toll on how I execute my work.

5) I’m most definitely looking forward to being in front of a professor again.  Where I feel like I would excel better in a classroom.


Judy, Hunter, Graycie, Jacob, Francesco, Estefani, and Fernando words cannot describe how thankful I am that you guys took the time to help me able to do this post. I hope to see you all soon when this is all over and things are back to normal. There is no doubt in my mind that y’all will succeed at whatever y’all do and I’m here for it!!! But for now, everyone let’s stay home so that we can get done and over with this.