Femicide. Femicide. Femicide. What is femicide? According to the Oxford dictionary, femicide is, “the killing of a woman or girl, in particular by a man and on account of her gender.” Oh, femicide. The sound of the word is repugnant. The definition of the word is repulsive. How did I personally come about finding out about femicide? Well, my family is from El Salvador and violence in my country is a common topic. Femicide has always existed. Not just in El Salvador. But all around the world, but since I’ve only watched one specific documentary that’s what I’ll focus on. I remember watching a documentary on Vice called Women (2016), season 1 episode 6, titled “ El Salvador: Femicide”. Watching the documentary I was in disgust and disbelief. Killing women just because they’re women?  The worst part about femicide is that sometimes it’s done by the men in their life that women love and sometimes you can just be targeted for… yeah, you guessed it! being a FEMALE. WHY. WHY. WHY. No one. I mean no one should feel entitled to kill anybody for any reason, especially because of their gender. It doesn’t add up. It makes me realize that there are a lot of little minded people in the world. Which scares me, because hey we all live in the same world. Women need rights. Women deserve rights. We are all equal. I don’t care whatever way you put it, women should have the same amount of control/rights as any man. But all around the world, may that be El Salvador, Brazil, Ukraine, Russia, Belize, etc etc etc etc etc women are still marching for men to STOP femicide and for the government to aid women. Why is this so hard? it’s 2020, can some men not see that we are ALL equal? Idk, this topic gets me heated. But I wanted to take the time and think about all those girls and women who have passed away due to femicide. To the fellow mothers, sisters, brothers, etc that have to show up to mortuary to identify a woman’s body to see if they’re your family, you are strong. I want better for everyone. But basic human rights, like can we all just mutually agree that we all deserve better. At the end of the day, we are all humans, YES HUMAN.