If you’re anything like me, when you graduated from high school you didn’t have much guidance on what you wanted to do or the steps to go from one to another. You kind of just went with the flow and hoped that things would fall into place and things would work out. I mean there’s a great amount of people who are able to do that and settle but as life goes on you will interact and meet people who want to help you continue to grow from where you’re at. And that is one of the many reasons I am thankful for CCBC. They prioritize the true value of education and push students to continue to reach for the stars. People may think hey, community college that’s it right? You’re not going to keep going. And that’s just completely wrong. I would say about 95% of my friends or acquaintances I know that have attended/graduated from CCBC have continued to pursue their undergrads and some are already thinking of getting their grads.  New trending GIF on Giphy | Funny gif, Cool gifs, You're awesome

Oh it’s just a super expensive piece of paper. what are you going to do when you graduate and can’t find a job in your field? How do you plan on paying for school? These are things many people have to deal and hear when they are trying to pursue there bachelors or masters degree (even associates honestly if you’re paying out of pocket). But there are always options and ways to work around things.

Prior to COVID when transfer fair was in person, I would walk around the event for the goodies they had but never truly paid no mind to the information being given because I felt like it wasn’t for me at the time. As I’ve grown and learned, I look back and really wish I would’ve taken advantage of those transfer fairs and spoken to the college recruiters. But we can’t go back in time and it’s a lesson to learn that you should never really take any information for granted just because you think it does not apply to you at the moment.

So now I want to share some wisdom with you guys. I would highly recommend meeting with an academic advisor and talk about what’s next for you. To make this even more helpful for students, they have a designated tab on the CCBC website about what you should do if you are planning to transfer. (Click on hyperlink)

Online Transfer Center

They also have social media accounts on Instagram and twitter called “CCBCtransfer” and on Facebook “CCBCtransferPlanning” where they frequently post transfer information or events regarding certain colleges you could transfer to.   IT Support Blog |news|IT Information|IT Dundee| No.1 growth

It’s honestly safe to say that CCBC leads their students towards whatever they want to be. They provide resources and guide us through ways that sometimes we are unaware of. So once again, the more you know has never hurt you. Take advantage of these resources and share them with others.

As I stumbled upon this information, I also hope to do what I am basically “preaching” to you guys. I am going to transfer after the fall semester but as far as knowing where exactly I am going to go, I am still researching. So, trust me when I tell you that I understand that this is not always an easy journey for all of us. Go ahead and start planning now and take it easy!