Communication & Media Studies Professors reach out to students during the COVID-19 crisis. Although we will not see each other at CCBC we need to continue to engage with each other. These messages from your favorite profs are a good start!

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  1. Precious Oke 6 November, 2020 at 11:24 Reply

    It is nice to see and learn about how communication and media studies professors reached out to students and encouraged them to stay engaged and active during the quarantine/lockdown. I remember when the lockdown started, everything rapidly changed and it all happened so fast, the first couple of weeks were bearable for some but others struggled with staying cooped up indoors and not being able to engage face-to-face with the outside world. Lucky for me I’m an essential worker so I still had to go to work all through the lockdown so I guess I’m glad I had some form of human contact besides just with my family. The YouTube video from each professor looks nicely put together, I remember seeing a couple of them that were made by some students for some type of competition and I thought that was also cool.

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