Podcasts for Foodies

By Tyneisha Lewis

With the quarantine in effect, we could all use something to keep us occupied. What could be better than listening to a fun, food-themed podcast? 

Hey Rebel Foodies!

There are several food podcasts that I’m listening to currently. Whether I’m working out at the fitness center, on the bus, or just relaxing, I turn to these programs. These shows are fun to listen to and easy to follow along through their website or to download for on-the-go access. Listening to food shows and podcasts are great because they talk about a variety of topics, they’re free to listen to and download, and there’s something for everyone! Here is my recommended list:

Spilled Milk is funny podcast that talks about food…win and win! Every week, Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton, hosts of the show, talk about food-related topics such as pancakes and junk food. The show currently has over 427 episodes, and a variety of food topics and episodes to choose from like one of my favorite episodes #394 Pizza Delivery where they ordered a pizza while recording the show! Several of my other favorite episodes are #371 Slurpees, #295 Boxed Mac and Cheese, and #74 Japanese Junk Food. Although there are some explicit episodes, most of the episodes are not. The episode length varies based on the topic, but the average length is between 10-60 minutes. Listen to “Spilled Milk” here: https://www.spilledmilkpodcast.com/

A Taste of the Past 
is a food history-themed podcast. Culinary Historian Linda Pelaccio, talks about the history behind foods of the past and present. My favorite episodes are: #308 Oreos and the Giant Cookie Factory, Nabisco, #269 America’s First Foodie, #263 African American History Through The Lens Of Food NMAAHC, #227 Mac n’ Cheese: Black Chefs in the White House, and #192 Chef Boyardee. What makes “A Taste of the Past”. This podcast also interviews people in the food industry like cookbook authors, chefs, restaurant owners, and more. There are currently has over 349 episodes, with plenty of interesting topics to choose from. Check out “A Taste of the Past” here: https://heritageradionetwork.org/series/a-taste-of-the-past/


Japan Eats! is another awesome podcast that I like to listen to. I love Japanese culture, especially the cuisine, so if you’re like me you should check out this podcast. Several of my favorite episodes are: #166 What is Kakigori?, #138 A Solo Ramen Experience at Ichiran, and #9 What is Japanese Curry? This podcast currently has over 186 episodes, check it out here: https://heritageradionetwork.org/series/japan-eats/.



Heritage Radio Network is the network for foodies! This network is a non-profit organization focusing on food radio. Many of the podcasts I listen to (like the ones above) I found on this network. Here you can find your own favorite foodie podcasts! Some of my other favorites from this network are “Snacky Tunes”, and “FeedFeed”. With so many options it is definitely worth checking out! Heritage Radio Network even has a newsletter to keep you up to date on all of their podcasts. Check it out here: https://heritageradionetwork.org/.


Let me know what you think of my recommendations and also tell me your favorites in the comments below! Please stay safe and healthy and stay tuned for more Rebel Foodie blog posts!


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