CCBC’S Barnes & Noble Café is Popular Among Students

Tyneisha Lewis

The day starts with the hustle and bustle of CCBC students, staff, and guests alike on their commute through the Student Services Center building. Aromas of coffee, pastries, and freshly made food fill the air. A line of customers forms at the CCBC Starbucks Café in the bookstore.

Customers, while in line, talk amongst themselves, read the café menu, and plan their orders. Once they reach the service counter, they place their orders, pay, and eagerly wait for their food and drinks.

Sounds of blenders and coffee pouring are heard as orders are being prepared. The bookstore since its renovation in 2018, has become popular among CCBC students, staff, and guests.

“We get compliments about how the bookstore looks and how the bookstore is more open and inviting,” said Carrie Wolford, CCBC Bookstore manager.

Before the renovation, the bookstore had a darker color scheme and had a limited selection of school supplies, apparel, and items. There was no café for guests to visit or a place for CCBC students or staff to rest before or after work and classes.

The atmosphere of the bookstore is more open, bright, and offers a wider selection of merchandise, snacks, school supplies, and apparel. Examples of merchandise now offered at the bookstore include digital cameras, tablets, Squishable plushies, snacks, beverages, purses, Starbucks tumblers, and novels.

The café is a welcomed place on the CCBC Catonsville campus. “You can get just about any drink and it’s always delicious. They have great food and being a CCBC student, you can always get coffee,” said Natalie Gahan, a Photography Major.

The café offers a variety of beverages, food, and specials. One special offered is the $8 Café lunch, which includes a choice of any café sandwich, chips, and a hot or iced beverage such as coffee or tea. Two popular items at the café are caramel frappes and caramel macchiatos.

“I love Starbucks’ Hot chocolate. The staff is very nice. They’re pretty good and their service is great,” said CCBC student, Kendall Koski, General Studies Major.

The combination of good food and service at the café keeps customers coming back.

Wolford recommends downloading the My College Bookstore App for savings at the bookstore and the café. There are several perks of downloading the app such as exclusive app offers and discounts, café rewards, and notifications for store events.

Guests should look for Starbucks Café promotions such as: a $3 Breakfast sandwich deal, $1 off cupcakes, cheesecake, and sweets, and an upcoming promotion for the Starbucks Cafe from February 17-28, a $6 soup and Stuffed Pretzel.

The bookstore’s hours are from 8:30am-6pm on Mondays to Thursdays, 8:30am-4pm on Fridays and closed on the weekends. These hours make the bookstore and its café the place to go for breakfast to evening meal.

The area around the bookstore since its remodel has a more open space. The area now includes comfortable lounging with tables, chairs, and outlets for guests to enjoy. The area’s color scheme of blue, tan, and yellow create a soothing feel.

There are also charging stations where students, staff, and guests can charge their electronic devices. The area has become a place for guests to have conversations, grab a snack and beverage, shop at the bookstore, or just to relax before and after classes.

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  1. Misa 13 December, 2020 at 23:54 Reply

    I really like this article because I relate to it and I agree that the bookstore is very welcoming. Back when the campus was open I went there often, so much so that the people behind the counter knew my order before I could tell them. It was very nice and welcoming, I loved going there with friends and conversing with the workers. I would advise anyone to go, they would definitely enjoy it.

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