Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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The question as to whether college athletes should be paid has been popular for the past decade and it has only intensified recently due to scandalous headlines. A few weeks ago a report released stating that several current and former NCAA Basketball players such as Deandre Ayton, Collin Sexton, Markelle Fultz, and Dennis Smith Jr. were receiving payments from various Universities. This scandal shook the NCAA world and intensified when an audio tape was released as proof.

University of Arizona Head Coach Sean Miller was heard speaking about paying $100,000 to recruit Deandre Ayton. Many people were not shocked however, as they believe that there has been corruption in the NCAA for a long time and that the athletes should be paid in the first place. I completely agree that college athletes should be paid because of how much revenue they generate.

Contrary to what the NCAA states, the students are prioritized as athletes over students. Students are often forced to miss classes because of games and there is no bigger example than the current “March Madness” Tournament. Students are travelling all over the country playing basketball and in the process making a lot of money for their school and the NCAA. Just a few years ago, the NCAA announced a massive TV deal with CBS/Turner Television for 8 years and $8.8 billion dollars. I find it odd that the NCAA can make billions from TV deals, but refuses to pay athletes a single cent.

That does not seem fair to the student athletes because they are essentially being used to make money for the NCAA and the athletes do not get any of it. The NCAA makes them miss classes for “March Madness” or any other televised event and because of that the student athletes should be paid.

The college athletes are being prioritized as workers, and workers should be compensated for their efforts when they make their company money. College athletes should be paid because the NCAA treats the athletes as workers and workers should always be fairly paid.

People believe that receiving a full scholarship and a free education should be enough but I believe it’s not. There are several examples of NCAA athletes having to starve because the school cafeteria is closed and they do not have any money to get food. After all, the student athletes do not have time to get a job because their sport is like a full-time job and they also have to attend and study for classes.

The full scholarships are not enough because they have to devote all of their time to school and their sport and have very little time to focus on other things. The balance between school and sport can be very difficult for many of these students.

Considering the amount of time these “students” spend on conditioning and practices, the athletes should be more fairly compensated. The NCAA and the athletes’ respective universities make money off the work that these students put in to be in tip-top shape throughout the entire year.

The NCAA markets the college athletes, yet the athletes cannot market themselves. Most of the college athletes are not going to become professionals. Therefore, they should be allowed to take advantage of the temporary fame that they have and be compensated. If these student athletes are going to be devoting all their time for a sport with there being no certain future in it, they should be able to receive compensation.

Not only do college athletes help the NCAA generate revenue, but they also substantially increase the school’s visibility and in turn their bottom line. When big-time athletes go to a school people want to go watch those athletes and this often results in major increases to admission. They are also able to cash in on that student’s fame in merchandise sales.

These NCAA athletes have been oppressed for far too long, they have been providing the NCAA with free labor for decades. The NCAA claims they just want to protect these student athletes but have no issue with using these student athletes for their own financial gain.

Over the next few years, something will come up that will force the NCAA to pay these athletes what they deserve. Ideas like LaVar Ball’s junior basketball association which would serve as an alternative to college basketball and would actually pay these athletes are good in theory but until they come to fruition the NCAA will reign supreme.

I think and hope NCAA athletes will eventually end up getting paid. It is just a matter of when.


  1. Max 26 April, 2018 at 22:47 Reply

    No we shouldn’t, and I sure hope we don’t as it would eliminate sports that do not make money and lower levels of competition.

  2. Corday Gaskins 1 May, 2018 at 12:07 Reply

    I believe college athletes should be paid. Colleges are making millions of dollars off there athletes names and likeness. Colleges think paying for there education is good enough but it’s not. Majority of college athletes doesn’t make it to the pros. Young adults shouldn’t have to struggle while Universities are making money off of them.

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