Do I Look Like A Sex Doll? Part 1

By: Destini Merrill

Sexual harassment- a professional or social situation involving the making of unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks.

In the time that we live in, where everything is so progressive, it is unbelievable to understand that we still live among people that still behave like Neanderthals. According to RAINN; the Rape, Abuse, and, Incest National Network, every 98 seconds, a person is assaulted. Roughly half of those same people have gone through sexual harassment. Every day, both women and men are continuously dealing with sexual harassment and assault and thankfully ever since the #Me Too movement fired off after the Harvey Weinstein scandal was exposed, this macabre problem that has always seemed to be swept under the rug by society, is finally being addressed. Men and women, young and old, famous or everyday people, have spoken out about being victims and have exposed their attackers.

One of the experiences that many people talk about throughout the movement is being harassed; there are so many stories and quotes of both men and women being harassed and too scared to speak out or told not to do so. Harassment is defined at the top of this article as unwanted social advances and, though an extremely important subject, is frequently taken very lightly. In fact, there are some that will reduce the term to just a severe happening in the workplace but in fact it is counted as inappropriate chatter or joking of sexual nature, catcalling, ogling, winking, sexual gestures, and so on. This behavior can happen anywhere at any time. In a Washington Post Poll, 33 million women have experienced sexual harassment with 30% of them experiencing this behavior from colleagues or people the trusted. Also, 95% percent of the same women have said that the assailants have not been punished.  In a separate poll, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 16% percent of men have reported sexual harassment.

Story time

Once upon a time there was a girl named Destini that used to work at a beauty supply store and had a sexist for a coworker. He was the only man (at the time) that worked at said beauty supply store and he had a reputation of being a pig (as sexists usually are) and for a grown-ass man, didn't know how to act or talk to the 17 to 20ish year old young women who worked alongside him. One day, this not-so-lovely man walks up to one of Destini's fellow coworkers and repeats an extremely vulgar lyric from a rap song that only the most ratched of people would ever appreciate. However, he didn't "rap" it per-say, he quoted it to her as if it was just a random something to say. Not only did Destini's shaken coworker tell this man not to talk to her that way, but Destini and other coworkers that were standing by verbally pounced on him, defending our harassed coworker, sending the evil sexist flying the other way and each of us to the manager's office.

Tip for the week:

Thankfully my coworker had pretty much all of her coworkers on her side whether by defending her or encouraging her to report what this man and standing by her. But when it comes to harassment in the workplace or otherwise, so many will stay silent out of fear. So the next time you witness harassment of ANY kind don't be afraid to speak up!!!



  1. Julian Johnson 21 February, 2018 at 14:38 Reply

    Congratulations Destini, This blog is amazing. I like how you are standing up for women who at being sexually harassed. This needs to be shared with the whole world. Keep up the good work

  2. Monalisa Lawson 13 November, 2018 at 11:21 Reply

    I commend you Destini because there needs to be more women who speak up. I have been sexually harassed countless times. There were times I spoke up and then there were times that I did not out of fear. It is not okay and it is one of there worst feelings ever. The #metoo movement is long overdue and very much needs to spread awareness. Great job!

  3. Samantha 9 December, 2018 at 23:10 Reply

    I’m glad everyone had your back, and encouraged you to speak up, as women we need to back each other up more often and not look to replace that woman if she is negatively impacted on standing up to her harasser.

  4. Sally-Kella 23 January, 2019 at 17:28 Reply

    I’m glad you all stood up for her and had her back. In other societies the victim will be stigmatized or being accused for flirting with the person who did the harassment. Sometimes the victim is accused for being the cause. I come from a society where we are not allowed to dress in certain ways… because if we do and something like harassment comes up, people will point at you (the innocent victim) for being the cause. Its sad and terrible

  5. Rakeem Bowdry 14 March, 2019 at 22:00 Reply

    First of all, This is a commendable article about the power of the #Me Too movement that gives a voice to Men and women, especially women regardless of age, or public status to speak out about being victims of harassment and abuse: physically and emotionally.

    The true meaning of harassment goes beyond the actual definition to some people… “there are some that will reduce the term to just a severe happening in the workplace but in fact it is counted as inappropriate chatter or joking of sexual nature, catcalling, ogling, winking, sexual gestures, and so on.”

    Although I find this movement necessary, but that statement is one reason why I think victims can become bullies. Some of those reasons for harassment all depends on who is making those communication gestures. If you don’t like that person then it is harassment but if you do like them then it is flirting.

    Furthermore, should the me-too movement be concerned that the power could be wrongly used for women seeking a Vendetta towards an alleged accuser? There are some women who would threat to call the police on men and claim abuse if they don’t get what they want? I know you have to have proof but in today’s society you are guilty until proven innocent now . Maybe they were harassed and added a little extra to make their stories sale. I have witness this and even more scenarios.

    Please don’t take it personal I am just commenting and asking a victim or victims.

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