Hello friends and happy Friday!


I’ve been struggling with what to write and how to say goodbye but then I thought why not just keep it simple. Over the last few blog posts, I’ve been hinting at this being my last semester as a CCBC blogger.


After this semester, I will be a CCBC graduate (congratulations class of ’21). Even though I will still be a student at CCBC (yay! Nursing school), I will no longer be a blogger.


I wanted to say thank you to all the people that have made being a blogger possible and so enjoyable. So thank you to Ms. Lesley for allowing me to be an ambassador, thank you to Ms. Hope for allowing to blog and to share my thoughts with the CCBC community, and thank you to my fellow ambassador bloggers for being awesome and encouraging me to be better.


And to you the reader, thank you for reading my rambles and at times my shameless plugs. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity. I will really miss this. I wish you all a great summer break.


For the last time, see you around. 👋🏾