So I thought that it would be good if I properly introduced myself so, hello! My name is Morwa and if you’re like most people who cannot pronounce my name, it’s ok. My full name is Morwa Nandy (plus 3 others but don’t worry about those). The name Morwa comes from the Kenyan language Luo and it means “our joy.” I am the last born in a family of 5 siblings. My parents named us beginning with M, then J, then M, J, M – so my siblings and I have always jokingly called ourselves two and a half Michael Jacksons.

I was born an raised in Nairobi, Kenya. At age 15, I moved to Baltimore, Maryland and completed the last two years of high school at Mercy High. Following my older sister, I then began at CCBC as a Nursing Major. I am now a Student Life Ambassador at CCBC, a blogger, and a full-time student. I play the clarinet, a little guitar and I am now learning to play the piano.

Fun fact: I like tea. All kinds of tea. My favorite though is Kenyan tea. If you see me around campus feel free to tell me your favorite things and beverages.