Would you describe yourself as an insecure person? It could be but not limited to superficial appearance or ability to do. What contributes to insecurity? Is it that some personality types are more susceptible?


I am insecure so much so that I think I sabotage myself sometimes, even unknowingly. I am insecure in the way I present myself, not physically, but in my voice and in my confidence. I guess you could say that I’m quiet. What makes somebody quiet or shy? Are these two words synonymous with each other? Is it a nature vs nurture thing? All my life I have been told that I am quiet and shy. I’ve recently been wondering if the fact that I have heard this a fact all my life has made it so that I am “quiet and shy.” The definition of quiet is to ‘make little or no noise’ and the definition of shy is ‘being reserved or having or showing nervousness or timidity in the company of other people.’ Check and check – I make little to no noise and I am reserved and timid around others.


Funny thing is that if you were meet the ladies of my family and then talked to me I would stick out like a sore thumb and that’s where the question of nature vs nurture comes in. Am I quiet and shy because of the environment I grew up in or am I quiet and shy because of some genetic/physiological reason that determines personality before birth.


Or am I introverted because being introverted and being shy are not the same things. I once watched a ted talk called The Power of Introverts about how introverts are so necessary in this world and that they offer another perspective on how to view the world. Isn’t that what we all look for, a different perspective because if we all thought the same way then the world would be a boring place. Introversion is about stimulation and the type of environment you thrive in being quieter.


In short, being quiet and/or shy isn’t as bad as it is made out to be. Enjoy life my fellow introverts even when the rest of the world tells you to smile more or talk a little louder.