Hello friends and happy Friday!


Have you ever experienced the special kind of pain when your internet goes out and you can’t do anything about it, except sit there and wait. The stress and anxiety that follows is unlike anything else.


Well that’s what happened to me. I was studying for my last final, trying to finish writing a blog (that I now couldn’t save or upload). I had the ARG vs. CRO football match in the background (that I was now missing). And then in an instant everything went blank, and nothing was working. I was hyperventilating and my heart was beating a million miles a minute. I sat for a good 5 minutes in complete panic worried I would lose my unsaved work, worried I’d miss a decisive goal, I was just all over nervous.


As I waited for my internet to come back, I was forced to sit there with all these feelings of anxiety and dread and as cliché as it sounds, I realized the importance of taking a step back and being ok to just sit by myself in the silence. I have become so accustomed to background noise and multitasking so many different things that I found it unsettling and anxiety-producing to just be still.


In our world, we are so used to the instant connectivity and background noise that we forget what it feels like to just be alone. Isn’t that interesting?


Anyway, just some food for thought as I leave you until the Spring 2023 semester. It’s been a pleasure to be with all of you and I’ll see you in a few weeks. Enjoy your break.


See you next time!