Hello friends and happy Friday!


“Guess who’s back, back again, tell a friend…”


I can’t tell you how excited I am to be back blogging; a lot has been going on and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Can you believe it’s 2022? Because I certainly can’t. The last time we spoke, I was saying goodbye and telling you about how excited I was to have been accepted into the Nursing Program. Well, here we are, and I am a nursing student, a student ambassador, and a student blogger.


The beginning of a semester is always fun. We get to return to campus (after a much needed break) and see everyone again. Another reason why the beginning of a new semester is exciting is because of all the activities going on and the Spring ’22 semester is no exception. We have both online and in person activities.


Tuesday 8th, In-person Connectfest Dundalk campus from 11:00am-1:30pm

Tuesday 8th, Virtual Connectfest from 6:00-7:00pm

Wednesday 9th, In-person Connectfest Essex campus from 11:00am-1:30pm

Thursday 10th, Virtual Connectfest from 11:00am-1:30pm

Thursday 10th, In-person Connectfest Catonsville campus from 11:00am-1:30pm


I’ll be there so be sure drop in and say hello. Connectfest is a great opportunity to participate in some activities and games, win some prizes, and get to know some of our student leaders as well as your fellow CCBC students.


I can’ wait for it, see you there!