I woke up today completely unaware what day it was. I sat down at my little bed-desk and opened up my iPad to begin the days work – only to see that it was Friday and I realized that I had to post a blog today.


I think this is a pretty fitting way to describe how my first two weeks of the spring 2021 semester has been going and it has been rough. I feel like the COVID semester symptoms that everyone has been struggling with has just hit me. At first, I didn’t mind the online classes (tbh I still don’t mind them) but this semester started off with zero motivation and zero desire to get anything done.


Finally and thankfully, as we are now at the end of the second week, I feel like I’m getting things back under control. It’s like that saying, “all bad things come to an end” because things are looking bright. I hope you’re week went better than mine and if it didn’t, I hope that you have a better time next week.


Until next time.