Hello and happy Friday!


This past week has been good, I hope you had a chance to attend virtual Connectfest last week, I had a lot of fun participating and sharing information. I’ve also been receiving follow-up emails from all the different clubs that I was interested in, hopefully so have you.


I’ve recently discovered a new productivity hack. It has been so helpful in getting my motivation up and my productivity going. Have you heard of ‘Study with Me’ videos on YouTube? I’d previously heard of them but never really bothered to use them because I never felt like it was necessary, however, like I mentioned in my last post, the beginning of my semester was a little rough.


The videos are basically just watching somebody working and working alongside them. I think it’s a combination of the sound of papers turning, typing on a keyboard and writing or maybe just having background noise that is helpful. My favorite YouTuber that I’ve been watching is called ‘Merve.’ Her videos are really long and she includes breaks.


What productivity hacks do you have and use when you can’t be bothered with schoolwork? Feel free to drop some in the comment section.


See you next week.