Did you ever walk into class when you were younger and dread the inevitable question “what did you do last summer?” Because I did. My parents were never ones for vacations or family trips and so up until about 4 years ago I never had a ‘fun’ answer to this question. That being said, the older I get, the more I realize that sleeping all summer has become an appropriate and my favorite answer.

However, I have had a busy summer, from weddings, to wedding decors, photo shoots and pool party’s, to ambassador trainings and instagram takeovers. Going into my second year, I finally felt settled at CCBC albeit a little nervous. So beginning the new school year allowed me to reflect on my past summer. Let’s begin…

My sister and I own a business together called Melmor Events – cue shameless plugin – so I spent most of my summer working at either Melmor Events or with our business coach. Part of that included a photo shoot that we collaborated with to showcase our Kenyan culture. That basically boiled down to months of preparation and one day of the actual shoot. It was amazing. The second thing I did was drive 8 hours to Massachusetts to celebrate my sisters wedding. That was a weekend that came and went in a blur. This was also another event that we decorated for. I also spent a large majority of my summer lying in my bed, not being at all productive. I hope this goes to show that it is ok to be both occupied and idol and that somethings taking a break is okay.
What did you do for your summer break? Did you just graduate high school or are you an older student whose done this all before?