Hello CCBC! I’m so glad to be back. I can honestly say that I’ve genuinely missed blogging. Usually on the first day of class we would introduce ourselves and maybe even talk about our summers. So I thought since most of us are at home and did not get to experience the typical first week of school. I thought we could still do it…


So in the four months since the spring semester I have spent nearly everyday inside my house doing absolutely nothing, attempting to be productive, and on some days even crying. There have been good and bad days and many things that have happened since the last time I wrote. One thing I have learnt during this time is to enjoy the small pleasures that life offers, like binge watching the entire ‘Star Wars’ franchise start to finish — yes, including the ‘Mandalorian’ (yay for Baby Yoda). As well as all three seasons of ‘Hannibal’, two seasons of ‘Altered Carbon’, and recently ‘The Umbrella Academy.’


I’ve also tried to be a lot more forgiving of myself, before the end of last semester I had a plan I told myself that I would write during the summer, I didn’t. I told myself I would spend more time outdoors enjoying the sun, I didn’t. Normally this lack of productivity would have made me feel not very positive but I’ve been in a positive head space recently and I realized how blessed I’ve been throughout this strange time that we’re living in. Even though the world around us seems to be going up in flames (literally) I have come to terms with the fact that I can’t worry about things that I have little to no control over so why lose sleep over it.


I know 2020 has been a cluster of emotions but I hope that like me, you were still able to find even a little bit of happiness along the way. I’m really glad to be back.


See you next week.