It’s strange that this isn’t a happy almost summer blog. I’m think I’m happy that we’re almost done with this semester and I think I’m looking forward to the much needed break but am I really? This summer my plans were set. I was going to finally work on getting my driver’s license, maybe go back home and see my parents, and definitely go to the beach.

I’ve been looking forward to all of this since before we even began the spring semester but now it seems that I will have to get creative on keeping myself busy until September. I can’t get a driving license, I can’t get on a plane and travel, and I can’t go to the beach. It’s funny how in a few weeks a plan can be completely disrupted.

So I think this blog is a way to encourage myself to be grateful for what I have and not to fixate and worry about what is out of my control. I am uncertain about the coming months but I do know that this will definitely be a summer to remember. In the meantime, with 2 weeks of the spring semester left, I would like to encourage you. You’ve made it this far and I am not only encouraging you, I am also rooting for you.

All the best, Morwa.