Congratulations! If your midterms were scheduled between weeks 6 and 7 of the 14-week sessions, you hit a milestone in your fall semester 2022! WOOHOO, this is a big deal. Midterms give us a dose to let us know how we are doing in the course. They are a great source of feedback to know if we need to spend more time studying with the class. Triple M; March, Madness, & midterms – Vivian Delgado – CCBC Student BloggerWhether it was a stellar grade or just a “bleh” grade, you still have another 7 to 6 weeks left to end strong.

Something about midterms is that they all look diverse depending on the class that you are taking. For example, for an English or literature classes you may have had an essay due as a midterm. On the other hand, there’s classes that literally call an exam a midterm and present it to you. While other classes, per say a biology class, you may be taking exam 2.

So how do you deal with such a diverse number of exams and receiving that feedback?Midterms Exam GIF - Midterms Exam Cant Think - Discover & Share GIFs

I think after going through with it, you realize that the same format will most likely be used for the final exam. If this is making you feel scared, hopeless, or anxious please reach out to your professors. May that be emailing, staying after class, or visiting them during in-person or virtual office hours. This is your education!! You must prioritize it and want a certain grade. You can’t expect the professor to come after you and ask, “hey what happened?” In a perfect world this would happen, but this is the real world. And the real world is unpredictable. There may be professors that offer the class certain time slots to review their graded midterm individually, while some may just keep rolling on with the scheduled lectures. So, it’s your responsibility to make a change, if change is needed. It is your responsibility to keep putting in that same work to keep getting the same results.

I will keep drilling it into your heads! We have free tutors! Free writing centers! Please take advantage of this.

You got this! Let’s finish strong and keep on moving on.

I hope you guys are staying warm as the season continues to change.

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