Oh how the seasons change. My favorite part of being a Maryland resident is being able to experience all four seasons. With Maryland, you can get all four seasons in one month. This is fun, until you’re reminded of global warm and stuff.

The semesters is moving along and I hope you guys are grooving right along with it. I think the fall semester feels the most scholarly, I don’t know why. Perhaps because our school systems start at the end of summer so it fits right in with that feeling.

Feeling like there’s nothing to do now that the seasons are changing? What about hiking or walking outside?! I just wanted to remind you guys to go outside this fall to see the leaves fall and the change of their colors. You guys could visit Gunpowder State Park, Double Rock Park, Merryman Trail, and Herring Run to name a few.

I am a strong believer of connecting with nature to clear your mind. To me this makes me feel alive. I see trends on social media where they post videos of when they feel life isn’t real and sometimes it’s moments when they simply are experiencing different seasons or weather related things. This makes me think of moments of being outside in nature and just being grateful to experience this free aspect of life.  Sometimes you may not even need to drive to see nature, you can simply take a walk around your block and breathe. Maybe just opening your blinds and looking at the sky can make you feel peace.

Please take a look at some of the pictures I’ve taken that have made me feel that life doesn’t feel real. They are summer slash fall related: