Hello guys!

hello and welcome GIF for newsletter by Claudia Orengo on DribbbleCan you believe the start of a new semester/school year is upon us again? Summer always goes by so quick, and things seem to be getting a little bit more “normal” in a way.

I am excited to announce this Welcome Week for 2022 will feel a lot like Welcome Week before COVID was a thing! To the newcomers of CCBC they may not know exactly what this means. You can expect to see student life, faculty, staff, and fellow students walking around and talking!

Intimated by:

Not knowing where your class is?

Not knowing how to set up the Wi-Fi on your smart devices?

Not knowing where anything is located?

Well, look no further! That’s what Welcome Week is all about! We will be out in tents and walking around ready to help students with some CCBC guidance.

Student life will be giving away cool giveaways and letting students know about resources here at CCBC. So, if you see us this week don’t be shy and come talk to us! Masks to prevent COVID-19 – East Bay Getting to Zero

Another thing I want to point out is that if your classes are in person and they have more than 10 people in a room, you will need to wear a mask. Stressed out about not having a mask? Swing by the public safety office, any health monitor staff member, or the student life offices to get one. I know the whole COVID thing has dimmed down, but people are still catching it. It may not be as severe, but who wants to get sick? No one. So, for your safety and others stay safe! Oh, and not to mention the monkey pox… Now that is really scary. Make sure to not touch your face and always carry some hand sanitizer and frequently wash your hands.

I know this journey of starting a new semester and getting back into the groove of college will be a lot to grasp the first day. Something important to keep in mind is that this college journey will have its ups and downs. It’s your responsibility to prioritize a balance between school, self-care, and whatever else you have going on in life.

I will be working welcome week Monday morning and noon! So, if you see me come say hi or ask me any questions about CCBC resources.

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