As time progresses, it seems like everything is getting so expensive. Whether it be gas prices, food, or simply the cost of living. One great thing that has not changed since I can remember are the ticket prices for aquarium night hosted by CCBC.One Dollar GIFs | Tenor

That’s right! Aquarium night is back and still at the amazing price of a $1. One dollar!!?? No way??? Yes, and the best part is students get one ticket free and up to 4 additional tickets that cost them each one dollar.

To put that into perspective, look at this:

On the National Aquarium website the prices state;

Adult (12-64) = $39.95

Child (3-11)= $29.95

Senior (65+)= $34.95

These prices are a bit much for a college student or a family of 4 trying to enjoy the aquarium. Imagine going on a date or hanging out at the aquarium with a couple of friends. You’re roughly looking at spending $80 just for two ticks. Mind you, this calculations does not include taxes…

So why would you not take advantage of these prices at CCBC?

Here are the details:

Date: Tickets are only valid on, Monday, November 21, 2022.

Where: The National Aquarium in Baltimore

501 E Pratt St Baltimore, MD 21202

What time: 6:00 PM- 10:00 PM (No one will be admitted after 9:00 PM).

Tickets go on sale: 

For students/alumni= October 17th, 2022

For faculty/staff= October 24th, 2022

Where to Purchase Tickets: 

CCBC Catonsville- Barn, Room 003

CCBC Dundalk- College Community Center, 204

CCBC Essex- Romdka College center, 102

Other notes:Swimming Jellyfish GIF | Art Amino

  • All guest must have tickets, even babies.
  • The tickets can only be purchased by CCBC students, staff, faculty, and alumni’s using a valid CCBC ID.
  • 5 tickets max per purchase (1 free for student, 4 other tickets each costing $1)
  • No transportation is provided.
  • Parking is not provided, you must find your own parking and perhaps pay for it.

All in all, I think it’s a fun family, hang out, or date idea. It falls on a Monday which is kind of awkward but hey, for $1 dollar tickets to the aquarium it is worth it. I remember the semester right before COVID hit I worked aquarium night and it was such a great turn out. People came out and really took advantage of such a great deal. I got tickets for some of my family members and they were so thankful and amazed it was only $1! So if you’re not in class or working that night come on out!!!!