For starters, we did it, guys! Another semester is done and in the books. We are so close to the end and finals are just around the corner, like a few days from now hahaha. The end of the spring semester is always my favorite because summer break is here and summer is just so beautiful in every aspect (minus those pesky mosquitos).

Although Covid19 still phased us this semester, I think I’m used to wearing a mask at this point in life. It’s weird how we can become accustomed to things we hated to now automatically thinking, omg I feel weird without my mask. I was lucky enough to have my classes on campus this semester. It sorta, kinda, felt normal in a way. I got used to stopping at the checkpoints in the morning and getting my sticker. ONE thing I will say is that I am not very fond of the sticker method. Like yes, it’s great we can see who is allowed on campus but if you’re anything like me you forget to take the sticker off of your clothes. Then, you do laundry… and removing the sticky excess of the sticker material is a PAIN! I’ve seen people wearing them on their hands but I just feel like it’d come off when you wash your hands, right? So, if you do come back to campus this summer or in the fall, remind yourself to take that sticker off of your clothes before washing them. I have recently seen someone put their sticker on their mask and thought that was a pretty smart idea too.Party Celebrate GIF by INTO ACTION

Covid19 nonetheless, is still striving… But CCBC is making efforts to provide Free Covid19 vaccinations to students, staff, and members of our community on Fridays. I personally have only seen this happening at the CCBC Essex campus on Fridays at selected hours. But to get more information I would call 443-840-2222, to get more in-depth information to see if you need to set an appointment or to see how this opportunity works.

These past few days I’ve been reminiscing about all the opportunities I have had while being a student life ambassador. From public speaking, interviews, to welcoming students, being part of student life has been my most profound highlight at CCBC as a student. Sooooooooo, have you ever wanted to be part of a school organization? And on top of that make new friendships and get paid??? Well, look no further. Student life has so kindly extended the application deadline to Friday, May 14th, 2021 for the Fall semester!!! Join CCBC’s stellar student life to feel somewhat of the norm of college in these crazy college days. You meet people, are given great opportunities, and the best part of all is that sometimes they feed us hahahahaha!!!! We have 3 different cohorts; Ambassadors, First-year experience, and SGA. Within the application, you will find a thorough explanation of who we are and what we do. I have attached the link to apply down below.

Student Life Leadership Application Link

May 28th is when final grades will be available on Simon so make sure to check that out! Please check out our Student life application and tell a friend or two! So for this summer break, please stay safe for the sake of yourself and your loved ones. Have fun, make memories, and keep in mind we are still in a pandemic. Go swimming and walk barefoot in the grass for me and tell me how it goes hahaha.Schools Out Summer Break GIF by MOODMAN

and just like Rex Orange county once said.

“When you’re having fun, time flies out the window. Find some time, find some time to do something…”

Boredom, tyler the creator x rex orange county.