As a student, do you ever feel like you don’t have time to do things? Maybe working your job and completing assignments is starting to make you feel a bit stressed?

Wanna know what’s the best way to get rid of this stress in a healthy manner?

Well look no further! Exercising is the answer!

I know there’s a weird cliché where people tell you to exercise to get fit and they may pitch to you, that exercising helps reduce stress. Some people may say that it is all a scam to get your money to sign up for a gym or club. But guess what? They are not wrong… Exercising really does help reduce your stress and it keeps you fit and healthy.  Fitness / exercise gif animation illustration by 金晨 on DribbbleThere’s no down side to exercising, except maybe having to pay for a gym membership. And trust me this can definitely steer us away from committing to exercise. The beautiful thing about being a college student is all the cool perks that come along with it. Thankfully, CCBC offers free fitness centers!

Yes you heard that right. CCBC offers FREE fitness centers in all of their 3 main campuses: Catonsville, Dundalk, and Essex.

Free fitness centers??? Whaaaaat?!? Yes free fitness centers, fitness classes, and pools available to students, faculty, staff, and alumni’s!

Please click on the link below to visit the hours for the fitness center and pool:

Catonsville Information:

Catonsville Fitness Center

Catonsville Pool

Dundalk Information:

Dundalk Fitness Center

Dundalk Pool

Essex Information:

Essex Pool

Essex Fitness Center

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What’s the difference between the fitness center, fitness classes, and the pool?

Fitness center= Your classic gym with free weights room, exercising machines, cardio equipment, you basically do whatever you want on your own.

Fitness classes= Group classes where you’re all performing the same exercise which will be led by a CCBC faculty.

Pool= Your classic pool, you swim around, do your own laps, or maybe just even relax.Exercise fitness illustration gif workout animation on Behance


The only downside to this is that they do follow hours of operations. So it is not a 24/7 gym. It is only open at the specific times notes on the links above^

So if you’re ever feeling stressed, or maybe need to work out while you’re on campus check out the times and visit us!