As spring continues to thrive and temperatures start to rise, I can’t help but to be skeptical for our soil temps to reach 65 degrees. I am usually pretty excited for the drastic change to warm temperature days but I do not know how to feel about our future critter friends. They come out every 17 years, come from our soil, blind & little noisy, I now re-introduce you to cicadas. animation domination high-def GIF by gifnews

I’m fascinated to see what this end of spring beginning of summer Brood X experience has in store for us. I’ve been doing some google research on my downtime and I’d like to share some facts with the rest of y’all about what I’ve learned so far.

Benefits from 2021 Brood X’s:

  • Aerate soil (make small holes that allow water, nutrients, and air to enter grass roots).
  • Prune mature trees (get rid of dead or overgrown parts of trees for healthy growth).
  • They’re dead bodies are GREAT/ important source of nitrogen for growing trees.
  • They do not bite!


  • They’re blind and can attach to your clothes if they land on you
  • Harm plants when they leg eggs
  • noisy and messy behavior
  • Their shed skin can be found scattered and piled up, can be a pain to clean your patio/backyard.

Personally do I feel like they may ruin my summer festivities? Maybe, just because I love swimming and hiking. I’m scared of having close encounters and being swarmed. Realistically, they’re harmless and blind so I am not really expecting much. I’m honestly more concerned about mosquitoes and they’re silent but itchy bites. But on the bright side, summer is near and longer nights are right around the corner 😉

(Just keep an eye out for the CICADAS)

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