Hello fellow earthlings, this Thursday April 22nd is another earth day. Isn’t it crazy we have a day just for earth??? When in reality the act of living and how the earth continues to go round and round is the most amazing thing we will ever experience and know in life. I was really thinking about this concept in bed last night. How there’s surrounding planets on our galaxy and no life has been found but we all carry on our lives here on earth. Illustration Artists On Tumblr GIF by Animation Domination High-Def

Reading or seeing things about how the earth is dying takes a toll on me. Seeing the pollution, things go extinct, and the possibility of the organisms (including us), not being here is a rough concept to wrap your head around. At this point I would like to believe that we are all semi educated on the harm we are having on ourselves and our earth. I didn’t want to make this blog to scold or preach about what being eco-friendly is. I wanted to just take the time and bring awareness for this big ole round planet and how awesome it is. Sometimes it can be very under appreciated but the breakdown of how everything works and how one thing affects another makes you realize we are all intertwined.

Have you ever walked barefoot on the grass? Swam/been in any natural body of water? Stared at the night sky with semi clouds and scattered stars above you? Had a staring contest with a dog? That’s just a few of the things I am thankful for. Humans can be self centered but just look at your pets or your favorite animal! They have emotions and so do we and THAT’S LITERALLY SO CRAZY!!! Imagine all the cells, energy, and molecules that make up forms of life. Think of those nonliving rocks, glass, and wood and how resourceful and beautiful they are.

I am thankful for you, earth.