As simple as the word and act of breathing may sound, I feel like a good amount of us sometimes take the power of breathing for granted. May you be facing some rough emotions or just need a breather I have found an app that I’ve been using since 2019 that I want to share with you guys. It’s called meditation and you can find it on your smartphone’s app store for free. I stumbled upon the app one very rough spring semester of 2019 and it honestly has helped me a lot ever since my discovery. It gives you timed breathing exercises that make you forget your unpleasant emotions for a little bit and leave you feeling refreshed when the exercise is over.

Advantages of using app;

  • It comes with 7 free timed breathing exercises
  • It’s guided by a timer and a relaxing flower looking thing that shrinks and expands like your lungs when you breathe
  • it includes some sleeping sounds

Disadvantageous of using app;

  • Its only partially free
  • Every time you open the app it gives you an add asking if you want to upgrade to premium… Just hit the X and keep it moving
  • you have to keep your eyes open and looking at your phone screen to follow breathing patterns


For whatever your reasoning may be, I would highly recommend putting this in my top 5 needed apps on my phone. I’ve gotten a couple of friends of mine to download and to this day they still randomly tell me they use it.

A friendly reminder to take some of life’s experience with a grain salt. What worries you today, will probably make you laugh a year from now. Know things are temporary and enjoy life right now. Find the brighter things in life because the act of living is truly the most complex thing anyone can ever experience. And if it wasn’t clear enough, breathe in and out.