Believe it or not, not many people know that March is Women’s history month. Oh women, honestly where would we be without them? From their brains to beauty to just being women, we are all just amazing. We come in all sizes, shapes, and shades ( you can find one of us in all parts of the world).

What Women’s History Month means to me is being grateful for all the basic things I can do (and other women can do too). I still feel like there is way more work to be done for Women’s rights but I never take for granted what I have right now. I’m thankful for all women. Big shout-out to the XX chromosome. And a huge shout-out to all those boss ladies that make the world go round.

I wanted to dedicate this blog to a friend of mine, an outstanding woman who literally amazes me at all she does and who she is. She’s kind, extremely smart, beautiful, and this list could go on forever.

I now present you,

Anastasia Mathioudakis 

1.) Tell me a little about yourself?

I’m a CNA/GNA at GBMC hospital. I’m currently in the ATB program at CCBC Essex and Towson University. I’m a very hardworking woman and I try to complete all of my tasks to the best of my ability. The only thing is that I get anxiety over our exams because I’m a perfectionist and I want everything to be correct. 

2.) What do you think when you hear the word “women”?

When I hear the word “women” I think of empowering, empathetic, and an intelligent person. 

3.) How do you manage to do everything you do and keep everything under control?

I keep up with everything by writing everything out on a big whiteboard in my room. I also have an agenda and put things on my calendar app on my phone to be sure I don’t forget about anything. 

4.) If you could tell your younger self something, what would it be?

I would tell my younger self to stop being so hard on myself and to stop taking on so many tasks at a time because I’m going to eventually burnout. 

5.) How was your voyage getting into the nursing program?

My voyage getting into the nursing program would honestly be described as a roller coaster ride. It had its ups and downs but eventually ended up at the finish line. 

6.) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In ten years I hope to have my FNP and possibly open my own practice or be working in a pediatrics office. 

7.)What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I like to work out or do yoga. I feel like it helps me take a break from school like if I don’t have an exam after a class that day my hour break I’ll work out because I read this thing that like you can only retain so much so I feel like working out during that break helps me retain info for my later classes if that makes sense.

And like Beyonce once said,

“Who run the world? girls.”

(I laughed at this gif for a solid 5 mins ahahahahahahahahaha)

I was in 3rd grade when I heard those words and let me tell you,  I hold that concept tremendously high.

Thank you Anastasia for taking the time and letting me interview you! I believe in you and know 100000% sure all your goals and aspiration will be your living reality. You amaze me with your time management skills and I could learn a thing or two from you. Keep up what you’re doing because it is working! I cannot wait to see all of your accomplishments in life and just seeing you grow.

All in all, women (and girls) you are full of greatness and I cannot wait to see what we will continue to accomplish now and throughout history. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.