A year ago to now and things are not the same.  

A year ago to now I was enjoying my so called 2 weeks off. 

A year ago to now we were all scared and confused about what was going on. 

 It’s crazy to think we’ve had so many abnormalities for a span of a year. Everything’s changed and the craziest part to me is that we were on lockdown when there really weren’t that many cases. But now there are way more cases compared to a year ago and there is no lockdown or quarantine. The past life of not wearing a mask and being super close to people seems like a feverish dream. 

I think the wildest thing I’ve experienced from this Covid filled year is that I miss lockdown (don’t judge me). I miss everyone being at home, cheap gas, and the roads being empty. But if you would’ve asked me a year ago around mid-April how I was doing, I would’ve probably told you that I was going a little crazy being cooped up in the house. It’s a bunch of mixed emotions. I’m glad things are going back to “normal”, but what even is normal at this point in time I wanted this to go away as soon as possible so restrictions could be lifted, but they got lifted, and being in crowded restaurants and stores freak me out. I don’t like it; I’ve been eating at home steering clear of the “covid crowd”.  

For what is now and what was before, I’m glad we’ve made it so far. I can already foresee the future and how people will treat Covid-19, just like the Flu. They’ll offer us vaccinations each fall, and life will continue to fall back in its place, until, of course, another pandemic comes. It’s an endless cycle of life and human history repeating itself. So, for what we cannot do and what we can do is to continue to live our lives safely. Time never waits and things will keep going pandemic or not.  

A year now, and everyone’s hand hygiene FOR SURE has improved hahaha!