And just like that, time once again flies, and the semester of Fall 2020 is completely over. Just like that, I thought spring 2019 was hard, but fall 2020 has definitely taken the cake. I don’t think I’ve ever missed the feeling and freedom of summer as much as I have this fall. For all the hardships and boredom this year has brought, we should still have high hopes for a better year. I think, with the way classes are still being set up for remote learning next semester, maybe we will get use to this online thing. It’ll be a year of online learning by the time March comes around, and that’ll be here sooner than you know it. I know CCBC is truly trying there hardest to accommodate students in this new norm of learning. They have computer labs on campus available to students and the library is open. I hope you have all been able to sign up for spring semester or if you’re doing a mini mester. I feel like even with this hardship of online learning it’s still better to give classes online a try because you can see how you’re doing, and if you’re not pleased with how things are going you can always withdraw (of course prior to the set date CCBC gives each semester). I wish I would’ve known how withdraw worked when I started my college journey. My second semester at CCBC I did very poorly on one of my chemistry classes. By the time I received exam 2 back and getting ready to take exam 3, I was so upset and overwhelmed at the grade and gave the class the bare minimum. Thinking back to that semester I wish I would’ve taken advantage of that withdraw option, so I wanted to shed some light on it. The best way to withdraw from a class you would go to your local CCBC campus (there might be an online option which I tried looking up on the Simon website and I had no luck, this might’ve been the case because withdrawing from a class the week before class ends is impossible). You would go to enrollment services aka registrars office. You would request the withdraw form, fill it out, return it to the registrars office and the will take care of the rest. I’ve actually have never withdrew from a class but working as an ambassador it is one of the many wonders I have learned in my journey. I have applied into my histotechnology, so the future for my spring 2021 semester is still floating in the air. I am not sure if I will be returning next semester as an ambassador because I really don’t know anything in this moment of life. Which means this could be my last blog, or one of my many other blogs. I wanna say thank you to my readers, even if I don’t know you, you know me, which in a sense we kind of know each other. I’m scared, but I’m excited for my unforeseen future. And just like Justin Beiber once said, “we can only go up”, and I stand for those words. BUTTTTTTT let’s just get this semester done and over with, and enjoy this very much needed winter break.


Take care guys.

Yours truly,