Connectfest has been going on since last week at Dundalk and Catonsville virtually. This week on Wednesday, September 16th 2020 Essex will also be having their virtual connectfest. It will be taking place from 12:30-1:30pm and 6-7pm. If you are interested in joining Essex’s connectfest, fill out this form @ Usually in the past semesters Connectfest was a very IN PERSON interactive event hahaha. But due to the circumstances we are living with, CCBC is still hosting it online. If this is your first year at ccbc, let me just paint you a vivid image of how connectfest was when we could be together. You would sign in with one of our awesome ambassadors. They would take your student ID number in their handy dandy ipads/scan your CCBC ID card/or have you sign in by paper. After you’ve been signed in they’d give you this half sheet of paper “passport” where you would go interact with the tables that were set up in the quad; may  that have been pathways, clubs, organizations, etc. You would talk to whoever you wanted to, hangout with your friends, get initials  on your passport, get goodies from certain tables, AND EVERYONES FAVORITE getting free lunch after you had everything checked off on your passport. It has always been my favorite event to work at CCBC. It never actually felt like work. It’s at the start of the semester so your catching up with your coworkers/friends while you set up, we would hand out goodies provided by student life to the students, and we got to talk about our student life roles to students. Ughhhhhhhh I miss it so much. I remember that connectfest during the day it’d be like a cookout style with like hot dogs, burgers/veggie burgers and at night it would be either tacos or pizza. If we could virtually feed y’all (slash me  because I loved that part)  connectfest virtually would be about the same. But now that I’ve told you about how it use to be, I really hope you guys can make it to the last connectfest happening this Wednesday even though it’s a wee bit different, CCBC pathways, clubs, organization, etc will still be providing the same amount of information for you. I will be one of the many student life leadership members you can talk to/ask any questions regarding student life and ambassadors. I will be there from 12:30-1:30 ready to answer student life questions 😎. Hope to see y’all their!!!!!

connectfest spring ‘19 dundalk evening

connectfest spring ‘19 dundalk evening eating a cookie 🙂