Time flies, time flies. Do you guys remember when they said covid would be gone by April then changed to end of July/August? And now it’s the second week of September and corona is still here thriving… Yeah, time flies doesn’t it? I remember the spring semester like it was just a month ago. I was so hopeful and so gullible to the thought that covid19 would be fixed so fast and life would go back to normal. I wanted it so bad, I thought life had stopped due to covid. But then, I started working again during the summer, spent time outside, went swimming A LOT, and sometimes life felt okay. But then of course, I spent days worried about this virus. Two family friends passed away from it. I had a hand full of relatives catch it, and talking to them on the phone frighten me. I always thought, what if i’m next? Needless to say, I did get covid tested back in early June, I cried the day before testing, and as I was getting tested. I had no symptoms, I had just came in direct contact with someone who tested positive so I made the responsible choice to get tested. After receiving my negative results within 48hrs I was so grateful for life. As cliche as that may sound, I remember reading my test results and honestly had so much excitement for being okay. I know many people don’t believe in it, or think it’s just a simple cold BUT this thing kills… Like it may not affect you drastically but there’s other people who’s immune system honestly can’t handle it. Wearing a mask and washing your hands are two simple steps we should all follow for the betterment of ourselves. I for instance, walking out of the house have always said “phone, wallet, keys, phone, keys, wallet” with the physical touching of those three objects because I tend to forget one or the two sometimes. I’ve found that repeating that little jingle has saved me from being moneyless and phone-less at the store hahahahahaha. HOWEVER, it is 2020, and since it is 2020 and ms. corona is a thing I had to incorporate the mask park into my jingle. When I tell you I’ve angry walked backed in the house to get a mask these past month, it’s only been 3 times. And those three times were before I started incorporating “phone, wallet, keys, MASK”. MASK, oh yes MASK. Everyday when I walk out of the house I pat myself down for those four things “phone, wallet, keys, MASK”. You should try it out, if you’re like me and tend to forget things. Anyways, WELCOME BACK TO CCBC✨🧚🏽‍♂️✨🧚🏽‍♂️ best of luck this fall 2020 semester and please use all the virtual tools that are being provided like virtual tutoring or like virtual office hours. I want all of us to succeed so please study :))))))))) oh and have fun! don’t stress too much.