Hi guys!! Happy new year and spring semester 2021 🙂 First things first, GUYS I GOT INTO THE HISTOTECHNOLOGY PROGRAM OVER WINTER BREAK. I was literally driving to work and got a notification of an email. I didn’t pay much mind to it at first. As I waited at the Covid health checkpoint at Essex campus I looked more at the notification and realized what it was. I parked, opened the email, and started bawling my eyes out. I didn’t know why I was crying, but I was crying-crying hahahaha. I walked into work and I tried calming myself down, but I was literally going through my emotions. It was such a huge accomplishment for me. I have been working on this and finally getting in felt like everything is going to be alright. It truly felt surreal in a sense but its reals and I’m so glad it’s real. As for the rest of my winter break, it was nice not having to study or stress over exams. I got to binge watch 1000lb sisters, endless hours of tik tok scrolling, random movies I stopped watching half way, and as of right now I am watching true blood. I am extremely excited to be in the new Carol Diane Eustis Center for Health Professions building for the rest of my time here at CCBC. I met with my program director/professors and I got a tour of the lab, and GUYS it’s soooooo beautiful. It looked like a legit lab and just being in there made me anxious yet happy, it was a bunch of emotions. I wish you could all see the new building and how high tech it is! Like always, lets study hard and finish this spring semester strong. There’s free tutoring offered by your local CCBC campus, Khan academy is still a helpful tool, and there’s endless YouTube videos that can help you out, just don’t give up!!!!!!! Something to look forward to; SPRING BREAK is from March 28th 2021-April 4th 2021 😊. Happy spring semester and to a hopeful semester that by when May hits this year, again, Covid has cooled down a bit more because I just love summer and want things to just feel normal. But for now, where your mask correctly, wash your hands as frequently as possible, and just keep your distance for a safe semester and for your well being.