Y’all this is the week before finals week which means the semesters over!!! Honestly this semester flew by so fast. I can remember working peak registration before the semester started like it was only a couple weeks ago. What can I say? Spring semester 2020, you will never be forgotten. You came with many unforeseen surprises but we muscled through and got it done. For what is to come I am not sure. I really wanna be back on campus at the end of august, have a sense of normality to this wacky 2020 year. But I also want everyone to be safe and whatever the future holds for us, I hope it treats us kindly. For the friends graduating this semester, I was really looking forward to working commencements and seeing everyone in their caps and gowns 🙁 you guys did it!!!!!!! Even through this craze, you did it and you should be super duper proud because I literally cannot wait for my time to come, so I know y’all gotta be super hype for this chapter in life.

At this point, I guess we should somewhat be adjusted to this modern day living… It’s so weird, being May and all. The trees are so green and beautiful, the weather being so perfect, but not being able to carry out regular spring activities is weird. Makes me season sick ( like homesick, but season sick because I feel like i’m wasting my spring and most likely summer too:/ ).

Time flies, I know for a fact time flies. April flew, and I hope these next months fly by too. But the concept of time flying is also scary at the same time. I hope everyone’s staying safe. I hope that we learn to not take things for granted after this. I really wanna be back on campus for the fall, because I just miss things being mundane and normal 🙁 But we shall adjust to whatever is thrown at us. For now, take everything day by day, and i’ll be back in august :)!!!!

Yours truly,