Man, what a time to be alive. And what a time to be blessed with a job. Essential workers, making life a lil saner to this insanity for modern day living. Health and food field are the only two things that I personally consider essential. My best friend has recently started working at a local grocery store. At first, I was skeptical but hey life isn’t free and at the end of the day he’s helping the community which is what matters in these times. I’ve worked with Anthony as a lifeguard and at the bakery, but I will not be joining him at the grocery store ahahahaha :0 He seemed like the perfect candidate for this week’s blog and he let me interview him so let’s do thissssssssssssss!

1.) Please give us a background of who you are?

My name is Anthony Crawford. I am currently employed at a local grocery store Geresbeck’s where I restock produces. 

2.) What protocols do you have to follow to keep your health and customer’s health at safety?

We must wear gloves, wear a mask, don’t touch your phone, or your face, and wash your hands a lot, and also be aware of what you are touching.

3.) Do you ever second guess yourself before clocking into work?

Sometimes I do, but if I take the right precautions and do my part I will be less likely to get it.

4.) What are you doing when you’re not working?

I talk to my family, and talk to my friends as much as possible and also try to keep my spirits up because it can get really hard to stay positive during this time.

5.) If you could tell customers something, what would it be?

Wear gloves and a mask, keep your distance with other people and make sure to have hand sanitizer with you.

6.) Do you personally feel like life will ever become normal anytime soon?

I try to hope it will because this is just a tough situation for everyone and I don’t want it to last any longer then what it should, but there are still a lot of people going out so I really don’t know.

7.) What are you looking forward to the most when this is all over and done with?

 Probably just spend time with friends and travel and go on a vacation hopefully.

I’ve known Anthony since 6th grade and became very close in 7th grade. I worry about his health and he knows it, I don’t care if I sound like an annoying mom with him sometimes, but I’d lose my marbles without him. He keeps me grounded and not many people can do that for me. And because I care so much about him and other essential workers, if you have no business being outside, STAY HOME…. Thanks Ant, for taking the time and letting me ask you questions regarding this oh so strange time in life. Who would’ve known? I can remember us at the baseball field that Thursday when the governor announced the closure of schools and no events larger than 250, everyone was excited for a two week break til it turned into whatever this is. Can’t wait to see you in person again, and just like Mac once said “Be safe homie, in this life or the next life, I’ma see ya, so, be safe homie…”



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