You may be wondering what is advocacy day? And to give you a short and simple response all the SGA members from all 3 campuses came together to take a trip down to Annapolis to meet with local senators/legislators to share WHY it’s so IMPORTANT adequately fund Community colleges. To be more specific the Cade formula has recently been challenged by BRFA which would eliminate the Cade formula. You may be wondering, why does this matter to me??? Well, for starters the governor would cut back on community college funding and slice  $34.6 million down to $18.2 million. BUT WHY. HONESTLY WHY???????????  You know what the sad truth is??? That when some governors and legislators think of higher education (which includes any type of education after high school) they favor 4 year colleges rather than community colleges. But why. Am I not as important as someone who attends a 4 year collegeI refuse to believe that. Education is education and the people who make decisions on higher education should not favor some over others.  

Did you know that if they cut down our budget to $18.2 million the cost of going to school would go up? This wouldn’t have a big impact on people who receive financial aid, but not many students at CCBC receive financial aid and this would def be making my pockets hurt 🙁Growing up makes you realize things are never really equalNeedless to say, CCBC’s personal President/Superhero has been on this topic with the legislators and senators. President Kurtinitis is a woman everyone can look up to. Being part of Student life I’ve had the chance to hear her talk and simply just share her experiences in life. She believes in education and in equality for all those who have the drive/ hunger to more knowledge. I stan by this so hard!!!! I believe knowledge is power and with that kind of power, you are unstoppable. That’s why I’m here at ccbc I want more out of life, I want to build a better future for all the future generations to come. 

Student advocacy day happened on February 4th2020. And earlier I mentioned all SGA members went but they also had a special guest AKA me an ambassador Jhahahahaha! I was taken by surprise when Mrs. Crissy reached out to invite me but I could not bypass this experience so I immediately accepted! Mind you I had little knowledge of what was gonna happen that day. It was soooo much fun!!!  CCBC’s SGA members are the most caringkindest, and smart young adults and I also stan for all of them!!!! I got to meet legislators and senators which was a totally new experience for me. There were other Maryland community college SGA’s too, just a lot of smart people in that room honestly.  

Student life thanks once again for creating this memory for me! When I started my first semester here I was not involved at all and things were so mundane but now it seems like every new semester I learn or experience something new and I love ittttttttt