Hi all, last semester I shined some light on Khan Academy BUT NOW I have something new and exciting to share!!!! If you read the title of this post you’d know i’m talking about quizizz! I heard about quizizz through tik tokhahahahahhahahaha. Some people think tik tok is filled with cringe vids, which it is, but my FYP is always teaching me something new or making me laugh so I think tik tok can be useful honestly. From learning how to make homemade oatmeal milk to my discovery of quizizztik tok can be a pandora box.  

Well, what exactly is quizizzQuizizz is a FREE ONLINE tool that consists of a lot of fun quizzes on specific topics you choose. I did some research on the app/website to learn that quizizz is an alternative teaching tool to kahoot. But personally, I feel like it has its differences and likeness to kahoot. In kahoot you must enter a code, be in a classroom setting (usually), and you’re competing against classmates to win. On the other hand, quizizz you create your own account, find cute/fun quizzes on the topic you wished to practice on, and to top things off you get points/coins/and memes after every question you answer. YES, MEMES!!! They’re super cheesy that they’re funny and they honestly make taking your quiz so much better. You can even create your own lil quizzes and other students can take your quizzes. Some teachers use this and create quizzes you must enter a code before playing. To spice things up the people at quizizz were like, “how can we make this even more fun?” and boom before starting a quiz, they give you an option to challenge friends, which then again will give you a code so y’all can play against each other. THIS IS GREAT in my opinion, you can play against your classmates/study buddies. 


I started using quizizz this past Sunday, I have my first exam for bio109 this Thursday. I’ve taken a good amount of quizzes and it’s honestly helped me realize what topics I need to go back and reread on and what topics I feel confident in. Learning does not have to be boring. I refuse to have that point of view in learning/studying. Learning and studying should be intriguing. Once again, I’m thankful for the people who make free online tools for students. The internet is an amazing gadget for education. I hope you download the “Quizizz” app on your phone, so next time you’re bored, need a different way to study, or simply wanna refresh yourself you take quizzes on topics you’d like to test yourself in! And if you’re more of a laptop/computer person, the website is quizizz.comI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again if you know of any free online tools that help students learn PLEASE let me know.